Join the Unreal Engine simulation team at I/ITSEC 2021

Everywhere you look, you see technology on the rise. Cloud computing, connectivity, artificial intelligence, automation—what used to be ‘the future’ is quickly changing the face of training, opening up better ways to relay information and analyze data.

The move from initial ideas to substantive integration has been especially felt in the simulation domain, where companies both big and small are using Unreal Engine to help the community accelerate application developments in three main areas: content creation, communications, and deployment.

In fact, over 30 exhibitors are showing off their latest simulation applications—all driven by Unreal Engine—at I/ITSEC 2021. And while they all have something different about them, each one is built on the idea that developers can do a lot more if their tools allow them to blend real-time, realism, and accuracy all at once.

Epic Games staff members will be on-site, walking the show floor. If you’d like to schedule a meeting or see some of our favorite simulation applications with us, we’d love to be your guide. 

The ‘Next Big Thing’

We are also looking forward to I/ITSEC’s new industry series, The Next Big Thing. Our own Nathan Thomas will be on the XR panel, offering insights into how this rapidly evolving technology could help increase human performance. We hope to see you there!
The TalX – XR Acceleration
December 1, 2021
1530 - 1730
Destination Lounge
Featuring Epic Games’ Nathan Thomas, VP Unreal Engine Sales

Simulation applications on the showfloor

With so many Unreal Engine-based applications at the show, it can be hard to know where to start. In general, they fall under three main categories: 
  • Content creation and production pipelines
  • Infrastructure and deployment
  • Turnkey solutions

We’ve grouped them like that below, so you know where to go.

Content creation and production pipelines

Whether it’s for proof of concepts or building out large terrains, having high-quality, dynamic content is a fast path to populating any virtual world. As we continue to move from traditional GIS to synthetic environments, photogrammetry, digital twins, and AI’s ability to assist in content reconstruction/augmentation are becoming even more important to the design process.

Visit any of these vendors for a mix of beautiful content and tools that will make the process of bringing your own content into Unreal Engine even easier. | Booth 1973
Bohemia Interactive Simulation | Booth 1071
Cesium | Booth 2238
Esri | Booth 630
JRM | Booth 1180
LuxCarta | Booth 2326
Presagis | Booth 2334
Vigilante | Booth 2326
Image courtesy of LuxCarta - displaying Cesium content.

Infrastructure and deployment

Plans are meant to be changed, and deployment flexibility is becoming essential for organizations who want to deliver to the point of need. These vendors are using Unreal Engine to provide seamless deployment solutions that ensure systems interoperability and bring the power of real-time training to even more locations/mediums. Check them out!

Amazon Web Services | Booth 421
Hadean | Booth 1829
HaptX | Booth 1555
Imagine 4D | (UCF campus)
Immersive Display | Booth 1768
Improbable | Booth 1248
M3DVR | Booth 2441
MASA | Booth 2858
Microsoft | Booth 1973
Pitch Technologies | Booth 2220
RTI | Booth 1307
Touché Technologies | Booth 1217
Varjo | Booth 1768
Image courtesy of Meta Immersive Synthetics

Turnkey Solutions

While game engines are powerful deployment platforms for many organizations, some end users want something that solves a need, right out of the box. These simulation experts are doing just that for both training and analysis-based applications.

CAE | Booth 1734
ChimeraXR | Booth 2326
CS Group | Booth 2160
Cubic | Booth 1948
Havelsan/Quantum3D | Booth 635
HTX Labs | Booth 1555
L3Harris | Booth 1449
Meta Aerospace | Booth 1348
Offworld Defence Simulations | Booth 2560 
Red 6 | Booth 1922
SimCentric | Booth 1365
UK Fight Club | Booth 2326
VT Mak | Booth 1413

Iron Dev Competition

For the third straight year, Epic Games is pleased to support the Iron Dev competition. For the uninitiated, Iron Dev is a simulation developer competition that runs a lot like competitive cooking shows. 

Each team is given a challenge and a “secret ingredient” that they use to create a training solution that will improve mission readiness. With backgrounds as diverse as AR/VR development, simulation networking, graphic design and training development, the results can be pretty incredible.

During the competition, Epic Games provides contestants with mentorship and free content that they can use to create their simulations. We are also pleased to announce that new content produced by Vigilante and CG Hero will be free on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Several simulation assets will also be 30% off for the entire week of I/ITSEC 2021, until December 3, 2021.

You can find the full collection in the Unreal Marketplace now.

    Let’s meet!

    We’d love to see you at the show. To connect with our team or set up a meeting, please send a note to [email protected]. Talk soon!