June 27, 2018

Industry leaders in design come together at Build: Stockholm ’18

By Simon Jones

Real-time technology is transforming the creative world in incredible ways, and it’s amazing to see how more and more designers across many different industries are building new innovations with the power of Unreal Engine.

Our real-time platform continues to be a dynamic catalyst for empowering creative teams around the world to forge bold new paths in design for the architecture, media & entertainment, and construction & manufacturing sectors. The ongoing Build event series has been a phenomenal opportunity to showcase the ingenious uses of Unreal Engine we’re seeing across the Enterprise space on a global scale, and Build Stockholm’18 was another eye-opening experience.
After the tremendous success of recent Build events in Munich, London, and Paris, our latest showcase in late May brought the Unreal Engine Enterprise team to Sweden for another energy-filled day of demonstrations, presentation talks, and networking. Held on the waterfront at the beautiful Fotografiska centre for contemporary photography, Build Stockholm’18 drew over 200 attendees from the region to experience a broad spectrum of multi-industry presentations from the Unreal Engine enterprise user community. Notably, the vast majority of those who came were first time attendees to one of our Enterprise team’s Build events, and it was such a stellar opportunity to engage new sectors of our growing global community.
As a major tech startup hub in Sweden, Stockholm is a hotbed of unique innovation, and we found an amazing group of creative teams out there who are using Unreal Engine in ways that we haven’t seen before, all with the goal of pushing the envelope of possibility within their respective industries. Build Stockholm’18 featured a whole new slate of captivating customer stories, and we were absolutely blown away by what the evening’s presenters brought to this event.

Having recently switched over to Unreal Engine just last year, the team at MediaMonks Lab showcased their first ever Unreal Engine project, a hyper-realistic VR driving installation for Mercedes-Benz Stadium that let visitors get a test drive experience in a Mercedes-AMG GT R -- all while getting briefed on the features of the car from Mad Men’s Jon Hamm. Interestingly, the project blends real-world driving footage with a photorealistic digital car interior. The real magic, however, comes in the way the team stitched it all together with added real-time lighting effects to seamlessly bridge the gap between reality and Unreal. It’s an impressive feat, especially for a first effort in Unreal Engine, and we haven’t seen anything quite like that before.

In one of the day’s other standout presentations, The Mill put on a fascinating digital puppeteering demonstration to showcase the tech it built with Unreal Engine to assist with intuitive real-time content creation for Monster.com’s recruitment campaigns. The rig lets you stand in front of a PC and use hand gestures and puppeteering techniques to control a large digital character in real-time without having to bring in a full animation team. It really drove-home some of the incredible benefits of real-time content creation, and how that can be applied in bold new ways.

For fans of the popular Silicon Valley sitcom, REWIND presented a stunning virtual recreation of the iconic “Hacker Hostel” from the show, turning into a fully interactive VR experience using Unreal Engine. Chock full of in-jokes and clever interactive elements, the experience is a real treat for fans of the series, and it also recently took home award recognition at the 2018 Cannes Lions International Film Festival.

Stockholm based Animech was proud to host a session with Volkswagen Sweden who revealed their Unreal Engine-powered real-time car configurator built for the launch of the new Arteon model.  VW’s Lasse Dilschman explained how new levels of engagement offered by such interactive VR projects have had an immediate impact on sales.

The event’s other top-notch Enterprise customer presentations included phenomenal work from The Future Group AS, Stiller Studios, Goodbye Kansas, Line Creative, and GUISE, who all spoke at length about how real-time is revolutionizing their businesses with Unreal Engine. All told, it was an incredible time and an important opportunity to bring different sectors of our Enterprise user community together to collaborate and share experiences on the work their doing across numerous creative industries.
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