February 17, 2017

Experience Everything Unreal at GDC 2017

By Daniel Kayser

It’s hard to believe, but the 2017 Game Developers Conference is almost here! This year, Epic’s annual trip to San Francisco will deliver a first-hand look at the all the new tools and features Unreal Engine is bringing to developers while showcasing the amazing content our partners have been producing across all major platforms.

If you’re a developer, we hope you’ll attend our annual ‘State of Unreal’ opening session and swing by our booth so that we can help with anything Unreal-related you wish to know. Our team will be on hand to share ideas, answer questions and listen to your feedback. We’re also hosting a variety of learning sessions in our booth, through partner activities and as part of the official GDC program so that you can come away both informed and entertained.

So, let’s get on with the details of what you can expect from Epic Games at GDC 2017.


MOSCONE WEST 3001 | WED, MARCH 1, 2017

Once again, we’re kicking off GDC with Epic’s notable Wednesday morning presentation. The State of Unreal opening session will be followed by in-depth talks pertaining to key components of Unreal Engine and what’s just been revealed. Here’s a breakdown of what attendees can expect.

Not attending? You can watch our opening session live online via the Unreal Engine Twitch, Facebook and YouTube channels.

State of Unreal: Epic Games' Opening Session

Wednesday, March 1, 9:30 - 10:30am

Moscone West 3001


Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO, Epic Games

Others TBD


Join Epic Games for Unreal Engine's most newsworthy hour of GDC 2017.

Last year at GDC, Epic demonstrated how to build VR in VR using Unreal Engine, and released the VR Editor at the show. Epic also introduced real-time cinematography through a collaboration with Ninja Theory, in which a live human-driven performance based on Senua in the game Hellblade was captured in real time and cut into a movie onstage using Sequencer, Unreal’s built-in cinematic and storytelling tool.

McLaren, Nickelodeon, Disney, NASA and others presented Unreal's use beyond games, showing how the technology opens up new opportunities in visualization, animated entertainment, live attractions, training and more.

This year, GDC attendees will witness how advancements revealed then have laid a foundation for new groundbreaking projects. Come for the news, stay for the surprises.

Epic Games Special Presentation

Wednesday, March 1, 11:00am - Noon

Moscone West 3001




Join Epic Games for an up close look at key technologies that will be revealed during “The State of Unreal” opening session, including newly-announced features of Sequencer. While we can’t tell you what the content is just yet, we can certainly encourage you to mark this session on your calendar!

The Future of Audio in Unreal Engine

Wednesday, March 1, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Moscone West 3001


Aaron McLeran, Senior Audio Programmer, Epic Games


Aaron will give a technical presentation of the new multiplatform Unreal Audio Engine. Starting with a brief architectural description and walkthrough of the old audio engine and its varied technical challenges, he'll outline the core design pillars of the new audio renderer. He'll then give several demos of the audio renderer in action, describe how its used in Epic's upcoming VR game, Robo Recall, and what’s available now in Unreal Engine 4.15. He'll then give a walkthrough of several exciting features which are coming to Unreal Engine 4.16, such as real-time synthesis, dynamic DSP effects, and physical audio propagation modelling via third-party collaboration. He'll then demonstrate the steps to create a synthesizer from scratch and playing in a level in 30 seconds.

Content-Driven Multipass Rendering in Unreal Engine 4

Wednesday, March 1, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Moscone West 3001


Ryan Brucks, Principal Technical Artist, Epic Games


With the ability to script drawing to render targets through Blueprints, content creators can now create and prototype advanced rendering techniques that would have previously required a graphics programmer. This opens the floodgates to many possibilities such as custom fluid simulation, surface deformation, and caustics rendering, for starters.

This talk will give an overview of the workflow to begin prototyping some of these techniques, with evidence of what is possible to achieve with such an accessible and flexible system. Examples will include: volume rendering, character hit mask visualization, caustics texture rendering, and basic 2D fluid simulation.

UE4 Animation and Physics Technical Showcase

Wednesday, March 1, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Moscone West 3001


James Golding, Lead Framework Programmer, Epic Games

Thomas Sarkanen, Programmer, Epic Games

Benn Gallagher, Programmer, Epic Games

Ori Cohen, Programmer, Epic Games

Martin Wilson, Senior Programmer, Epic Games

Vladimir Mastilovic, CEO, 3Lateral


In this session, members of the Unreal Engine 4 development team will demonstrate several exciting upcoming animation and physics features for the engine. These include new workflows for previewing and editing animation, new tools for creating physics simulations with improved quality and performance, and other ways to improve the quality of digital characters. Our goal is to allow teams of all sizes to easily make cutting-edge, engaging experiences!

As part of this showcase, 3Lateral will present Gene Splicer, its novel approach to parametric modeling of avatars embedded in Unreal Engine, which is both a production and runtime solution for democratizing high-end character rigs. Gene Splicer evaluates the appropriate rig for the animated avatar created by user, and this all happens in milliseconds. This solution is based on a database of scanned people, and through this database approach we're generating truly unique characters with appropriate facial gestures for their anatomy, while keeping the ability to use the same animation across the created population. This technology is not just high-quality, but is also highly optimized for both high-end cinematics and VR applications.


As always, we’re honored to have so many incredible developers using Unreal Engine and we’re thrilled to announce the hands-on content you’ll be able to enjoy at the Unreal Engine booth at Moscone South 1024 during all GDC show floor hours. There will be a few surprises in the mix as well, so be sure to stop by!


Absolver by Sloclap - Published by Devolver Digital and playable on PlayStation 4 in the Unreal Engine booth, Absolver is an online RPG focusing on dynamic martial arts combat and meaningful player relationships. As players explore the ruins of the lost city of Raslan, they are seamlessly matchmade with other Prospects like them, creating new player stories each time. From the game world, players will be able to customize their own unique combat style through the Combat Deck interface, and to access dedicated PvP game modes, challenging each other in intense real-time fights.


Blade 2 by Action Square - Blade 2 is the visually stunning sequel to Blade, the top-selling mobile action RPG that took Korea’s Kakao platform by storm in 2014 and was the first mobile game to win Korea’s most prestigious game award. Blade 2 provides all-new action gameplay, more fascinating action, and an even better designed RPG system than before. One of Korea’s most highly anticipated MMORPGs coming in 2017, Blade 2 will be playable on Android at GDC, only in the Unreal Engine booth.


Exiles of Embermark by Gunslinger Studios - Playable as PVP on iOS in the Unreal Engine both, Exiles of Embermark is a mobile battle RPG coming in 2017. In a castoff continent, emerging Houses vie for influence over land and resources through a combination of cunning and the might of their Marked. These skilled heroes engage in duels with each other to tip the balance of power and further their House agenda. Players become these heroes and develop mind, body and magic to bring glory (and phat lewt) to their Houses.


Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage by Square Enix - Experience a completely new playable episode in the iconic Kingdom Hearts franchise in the Unreal Engine GDC booth. Playable on PlayStation 4, the story in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 simultaneously acts as an epilogue to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep as well as a prologue for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, following Aqua's journey through the Realm of Darkness. Developed with Unreal Engine 4, the demo provides a taste of Kingdom Hearts III gameplay to come.


Lineage II: Revolution by Netmarble - Lineage II: Revolution brings iconic traits from the legendary PC Lineage series to mobile devices. Thanks to high-quality visuals, a persistent open world, and massive-scale battles that support 200 players in real time, Lineage II: Revolution exceeded $176 million in revenue and gained more 5 million active users within one month of release in Korea. Come play the breakthrough game on iOS in its first public Stateside showing with the Unreal Engine team!


RiME by Tequila Works - Published by Grey Box and playable on PlayStation 4 in the Unreal Engine booth, RiME is a single-player puzzle adventure about discovery, experienced through the eyes of a young boy who awakens on a mysterious island after shipwrecking off its coast. Navigate the island’s secrets by making use of light, sound, perspective and even time. Inspired by the rugged, sunbaked terrain of the Mediterranean coast, RiME paints its breathtaking world with a fusion of vibrant colors and moving musical undertones to set the stage for the deeply personal journey that awaits within.


Robo Recall by Epic Games - Robo Recall is an action-packed virtual reality first-person shooter with gratifying gameplay and an in-depth scoring system coming soon for free to Oculus Touch owners. Explore immersive environments as you take on a variety of rogue robots, unlock an expanding arsenal of weapons and access all-new challenges. Get in on the exclusive Robo Recall leaderboard challenge at GDC and show us your recalling skills!


Robot Unicorn Attack 3: Forever by Get Set Games - Behold mobile gaming's glorious return to glitter-clad annihilation in Robot Unicorn Attack 3: Forever! Adult Swim Games’ new installment in the popular series, playable on iOS at GDC, will have you dashing through the sparkling stars, this time with a team of three runners at your fingertips.

Gallop into the unending beyond, crashing through golden fairies to unleash Radiant Blast Mode. Build your citadel from the tears of failures past and construct stables to house ever more dazzling allies. Send your magnificent fleet forth on raids to collect gleaming piles of soul crystals. Recycle these unfortunate souls at mystical forges to conjure new unicorns and fuel your unstoppable glitzkrieg!


Snake Pass by Sumo Digital - When the tranquility of Haven Tor is interrupted by a mysterious interloper only the unlikeliest of heroes can save the day. Meet Noodle the Snake and his hyperactive best friend, Doodle the Hummingbird, who together must reunite the missing Keystones with the magical gates that give the city its mythical power.

Snake Pass, shipping next month for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, is a physics-based puzzle platformer that challenges players to ‘think like a snake’ as they tackle precarious puzzles as only a snake can. Slither through long grass, coil around bamboo and climb out of trouble in the latest game from award-winning independent studio Sumo Digital. Play it on Nintendo Switch exclusively in the Unreal Engine booth at GDC!


The Siege and the Sandfox by Cardboard Sword - A shining city lies besieged in the heart of a vast desert. As the moon rises over the royal palace, a notorious assassin watches the king die to a traitor’s hand. Discovered, falsely accused, and thrown into the labyrinthine dungeons, he must escape to tell the tale – else the city will fall. Master dynamic parkour abilities to explore the cavernous depths of an ancient underground prison, evading detection and avoiding certain death from a sand-borne evil. Fight for your city!

Published by Chucklefish and playable on PC in the Unreal Engine booth, The Siege and the Sandfox is a ‘Stealthvania’ – an infusion of stealth into the familiar Metroidvania experience, creating a unique twist on the ever-popular genre. Lovingly realized in an evocative 2D art style, enriched with the power of Unreal Engine 4, Cardboard Sword is building a beautiful world for players to enjoy… from the shadows.



Just like last year, our GDC booth (South 1024) will host a variety of entertaining and informative sessions designed to deliver a compelling look at the latest Unreal Engine tools and features. We’ll post a full schedule, complete with daily times, on-site, but for now, here’s a sample of what will be presented on a rolling, rotating basis during show floor hours.


True Photorealism in Real-Time


Min Oh, Associate Technical Artist, Epic Games


Have you ever wondered how to achieve true photorealism in real time?

This talk delves into the world of high-quality look development in Unreal Engine 4. Using an automotive product scene and our library of freely available custom shaders, we will show you how to bring your environments to life like never before. Viewers will see best practices for content authorship, proper lighting setup, and how to tweak just the right render settings to take their scenes from great to extraordinary!


Interactive 2D Fluid Simulations in Unreal


Sam Dieter, Senior Technical Writer, Epic Games


Join us for a look at creating interactive 2D fluid simulations to add a new level of physical realism - or just fantastical effects - to your environments!

In this demo, we will utilize render targets alongside UE4’s powerful Blueprint visual scripting system to develop a 2D fluid simulation with realistic ripple propagation. Throughout the discussion, you will see how to properly set up the necessary materials, how to implement render targets, and how drive the entire effect via Blueprint to create incredible fluid sims that react to your game elements!


Making Physics-Based Mayhem


Alan Noon, Senior Dev Rel Technical Artist, Epic Games


Would your PC or console game be more fun if you could fling about huge groups of ragdoll-simulated characters? (The answer is probably yes.)

Come explore how UE4's new Immediate Mode Physics enables developers to add more physics-based mayhem to their worlds than ever before! See how you can simulate dozens of ragdolls simultaneously, how to blend physics and animation together, and how this new physics feature can make it all possible while maintaining 60fps on both PC and consoles!


Making Robo Recall Cinematics with Sequencer


Wes Bunn, Senior Technical Writer, Epic Games


Join us for a live demonstration of Sequencer, Unreal Engine's cinematic tool, as we break down and edit the intro cinematic from our latest VR game, Robo Recall, before a live audience at GDC.

In this demo, we'll take a look at how you can use Sequencer to create in-game scripted events as well as traditional multi-camera cinematics. See how Epic created the intro cinematic in Robo Recall and watch as we modify it live, render the scene out, then bring it all back together to play inside our level. We'll also show you some of the new features that have been added over the past year and answer your Unreal cinematics questions!


But wait, there’s more! :) In addition to Epic’s presentations in Moscone West 3001 on Wednesday and our Learning Theater talks at the booth on the expo days, our developers are participating in a variety of lectures, panels and boot camps at GDC as well. Note: This list will continue to be updated leading up to the show.

Monday, Feb. 27

From Rational to Emotional: Designs that Increase Player Retention

Jim Brown  |  Senior Designer, Epic Games

Location:  Room 3009, West Hall

Date:  Monday, February 27

Time:  11:20am - 12:20pm

Humans aren't always as rational as they might think. They are subjective thinkers who are driven by powerful, and often misunderstood, emotions. This talk will dissect the basic emotions that drive everyone, and provide specific examples of design techniques that encourage the formation of enduring emotional ties that could enhance both retention and enjoyment for players. This is NOT a talk about narrative design or "how to make people cry", but an evaluation of the underlying factors that can create emotional attachment, and how to encourage those connections in games with focused design and UX techniques.

Throwing Out the Dopamine Shots: Reward Psychology Without the Neurotrash

Ben Lewis-Evans  |  User Experience Researcher, Epic Games

Location:  Room 3009, West Hall

Date:  Monday, February 27

Time:  5:30pm - 6:30pm

Have you ever heard someone say a game gave them a "shot of dopamine"? What does this mean? This talk will dispel the neuromyths around dopamine and focus on the psychology behind reward systems in game design. The topics covered will include basic reward principles, cognitive biases that impact reward perception, and the importance of progression, control, social interaction, and expectation, and the vital role of feedback and UX when designing effective rewards. When it comes to designing an effective reward, if players like it, have learned how to get it, or are motivated to get it can be different outcomes.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

GDC 2017 Unreal Engine Education Summit

Four Seasons Hotel & Residences
757 Market St | Yerba Buena A
San Francisco, CA 94103

Date: Tue, February 28, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST

The Unreal Engine GDC Education Summit is returning to San Francisco and you are invited to attend our annual event that is open to educators for free.
The 2017 summit will feature a keynote address by Epic Games' Marc Petit, general manager of the Unreal Engine enterprise team, which supports many industries from aerospace (NASA) to automotive (BMW). Learn how Epic is helping companies innovate, and hear about the increasing range of opportunities available to those with skills in Unreal. Epic recruiter, Emily Gabrian, will present the Epic Games Internship Program and outline what educators and students will need to know to apply.

Our top community leaders, including Mathew Wadstein and Michael Allar will lead featured presentations. We'll also be sharing new learning resources from Udemy.com, Udacity.com, Lynda.com, and GameSchoolOnline.com. Mark your calendar and please plan to join us on Tuesday, February 28 if you'll be in town.

The Four Seasons Hotel is a 5-minute walk from Union Square, 4 minutes from the Yerba Buena Gardens, and 1.1 miles from the Ferry Building Marketplace, in downtown SF.

For more details and a full description, head here.

Refocusing on VR Innovation: Can Standards Simplify Cross-Platform Virtual Reality Development? (Presented by The Khronos Group)

Cass Everitt  |  Software Engineer, Oculus

Joe Ludwig  |  Programmer, Valve

Nick Whiting  |  Technical Director, Epic Games

Devin Reimer  |  CTO, Owlchemy Labs

Yuval Boger  |  CEO, Sensics, Inc.

Alon Or-bach  |  Senior Standardisation Engineer, Samsung Electronics

Kaye Mason  |  Sr. Software Engineer, Google

Location:  Room 3022, West Hall

Date:  Tuesday, February 28

Time:  11:20am - 12:20pm

The rapid growth of the virtual reality market has led to platform fragmentation, forcing applications and engines to be ported and customized to run on multiple VR systems. This slows the widespread availability of compelling VR experiences, creates added expense for developers, and consumes resources that could be better spent on innovating.

This panel discussion will consider the challenges of bridging between VR platforms, and to what extent standards could ease the pain to drive more innovation in the hardware and software spaces. Come hear about how KhronosAPIs such as Vulkan and OpenGL ES are already enabling low-latency GPU rendering, as well as the potential of the recently announced Khronos VR Initiative to grow the virtual reality ecosystem by standardizing access to common functionality in VR systems. This will be an interactive session, so please come armed with questions – and your tales of platform porting pain!

The Future of VR and Mobile Graphics (Presented by Imagination Technologies)

Tobias Hector  |  Leading Software Design Engineer, Imagination Technologies

Cass Everitt  |  Software Engineer, Oculus

Craig Donner  |  Daydream Platform Software Engineering Lead, Google

Scott Flynn  |  Director of Development, VR&AR, Unity

Christopher Peri  |  Director, Mobile Platform and Solutions, Samsung Electronics

Ryan Vance  |  Senior Rendering Programmer, Epic Games

Location:  Room 2011, West Hall

Date:  Tuesday, February 28

Time:  2:40pm - 3:40pm

This is a panel that will be examining the future of VR and mobile graphics - anything from the near future to the far future is allowed, wild speculation or solid beliefs. This panel will focus on the continuing rise of VR, and discuss where it's heading over the next few years - with particular attention to mobile. What are the end goals? What new technology is on the horizon? What kind of future is in store for mobile VR adopters? What will the content be like? We'll be asking these questions of our expert panellists to get their take, leading no doubt to some lively debate.

Animation Exchange

Jay Hosfelt  |  Lead Animator, Epic Games

...and many other awesome animators!

Location: Live on Twitch

Date:  Tuesday, February 28

Time: 2:00 - 10:00 pm

Animation is taking over Twitch! The Animation Exchange takes the knowledge sharing and powerful community of art and development conferences and makes it accessible to all. Bringing together developers in both AAA and Indie, and leveraging the open platform of Twitch, this eight-hour stream will shine a light on different approaches to character animation. From highlighting the most recent tech, to examining traditional animation skills and revisiting classic games, this digital convention will illuminate the animation experience in game development. The stream will be dedicated to interactive experiences with animators, programmers and technical artists, with talks to inform and to entertain, whether you are an experienced developer, aspiring student, or simply an avid player wanting to learn more about how life is brought to your favorite characters on screen.

Wednesday, March 1

Hitting 90: Optimizing for VR and a Look at 'Robo Recall' (Presented by Intel)

Jeff Rous  |  Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Intel

Nick Whiting  |  Technical Director, AR & VR, Epic

Location:  Room 3007, West Hall

Date:  Wednesday, March 1

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Optimizing titles for VR requires novel approaches and introduces new constraints not seen in traditional PC games. This talk covers both title and engine specific optimizations and includes a peek under the hood of Epic’s Robo Recall. Developers will learn how to tune their titles to maximize realism through the use of extra CPU cycles while also maintaining consistent framerate.

Bringing Epic Characters to Life in Paragon with UE4 and Substance (Presented by Allegorithmic)

Brad Smith  |  Senior Texture Artist, Epic Games

Harrison Moore  |  Technical Artist, Epic Games

Sebastien Deguy  |  CEO and Founder, Allegorithmic

Location:  Room 2014, West Hall

Date:  Wednesday, March 1

Time:  2:00pm - 3:00pm

Attendees will come away with a solid understand of how Paragon hero materials are constructed inside of Unreal Engine 4 in order to meet both high quality standards and maintain skin-ability. They will have a better understanding of how to set up a layered material pipeline with the help of Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

Stylized Character Creation in UE4 Mobile Games

Jeremy Ernst  |  Lead Technical Animator, Epic Games

Location:  Room 2020, West Hall

Date:  Wednesday, March 1

Time:  2:00pm - 3:00pm

In this session, the character pipeline for Epic's new mobile game will be broken down and thoroughly discussed, from the modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation. Epic Games feels the pipeline is unique and offered a way for them to create hundreds of characters in a short amount of time. Every aspect of the pipeline, with detailed step-by-step instructions, will be outlined. The processes used require commonly available software packages and are simple enough for all audience levels and disciplines. Epic's new mobile game was a passion project built by a small team inside of Epic, and they look forward to sharing their techniques with you!

Art Directing VFX for Stylized Games

Jeremy Mitchell  |  Senior VFX Artist, Double Fine Productions

Bryanna Lindsey  |  Senior VFX Artist, Volition

Shen-Ming Spurgeon  |  Senior VFX Artist, Motiga, Inc.

Bill Kladis  |  Senior FX Artist, Epic Games

Location:  Room 2002, West Hall

Date:  Wednesday, March 1

Time:  2:00pm - 3:00pm

This talk is focused on the task of interpreting a game's art direction and translating it into stylized VFX that fit naturally in the aesthetic of the game. Often times VFX teams are left to interpret the art direction of their game and how best to execute it. This talk will cover methods you can use to establish the artistic pillars of your VFX and specific examples from various games with unique art styles.

High Quality Mobile VR with Unreal Engine and Oculus (Presented by ARM)

Daniele Di Donato  |  Senior Software Engineer, ARM

Remi Palandri  |  Rendering Programmer, Oculus

Ryan Vance  |  Senior Rendering Programmer, Epic Games

Location:  Room 3022, West Hall

Date:  Wednesday, March 1

Time:  3:30pm - 4:30pm

High resolution and low latency graphics are key to providing VR users with a truly immersive experience.

This talk will share tips and best practices for mobile VR on UE4, as well as the latest rendering techniques from UE4.14 onwards and how the graphics pipeline gets the most from the mobile form factor.

Finally, the speakers will consider how mobile VR technology is evolving and what we can look forward to in the future.

Thursday, March 2

The Gamer's Brain, Part 3: The UX of Engagement and Immersion (or Retention)

Celia Hodent  |  Director of User Experience, Epic Games

Location:  Room 3001, West Hall

Date:  Thursday, March 2

Time:  5:30pm - 6:30pm

Usability and onboarding are common UX challenges in games. However, even if you get these right, it still doesn't ensure your game will be engaging. This talk will cover the UX challenges of retention and how to use cognitive science knowledge and the scientific method to make your game enjoyable and engaging in the long term. It will look into motivation, emotion, and gameflow through the lens of the human mind and it will cover how to identify the biggest "engage-ability" issues in your game early on, as well as how to measure your progress. This talk will provide examples from various titles (including insights from the development of Epic Games' 'Fortnite' and 'Paragon') to help you improve player engagement while avoiding common pitfalls, and to better understand what leads to long-lasting "fun".

Friday, March 3

Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer: Part 1, Advice from Industry Artists

Alison Kelly  |  Consultant, Alison Kelly Consulting

Greg Foertsch  |  Senior Art Director, Firaxis Games

Wyeth Johnson  |  Lead Technical Artist, Epic Games, Inc.

Lisette Titre-Montgomery  |  Art Director, Ubisoft

Shawn Robertson  |  Art Director, Studio Formerly Known as Irrational Games

Gavin Goulden  |  Lead Character Artist, Insomniac Games

Location:  Room 2005, West Hall

Date:  Friday, March 3

Time:  11:25am - 12:25pm

As the game industry has become increasingly competitive, it has also become more difficult for artists to break into the industry and to obtain recognition for their work. There are, however, both positive and negative ways to stand out from the crowd. This panel, which consists of art directors and lead artists from Epic, Firaxis, 343, Irrational, and Bungie, will expose portfolio pitfalls and how to avoid them, as well as providing real world examples of how to succeed in getting, and holding, an art director's attention. The panel will also discuss common hiring practices and variations among the studios. The panel will be followed by a 2 hour session for individual portfolio reviews.


As you can probably tell, we have quite a bit planned for this year’s GDC. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to pull it off without the help of our amazing partners, so we’d like to take a moment to thank NVIDIA, Intel and Oculus for helping to make this GDC our biggest one yet.


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We’ll see you in San Francisco!