May 31, 2016

Epic to Support Unreal Engine Developers At PAX West 2016

By Christopher Floyd

Hi there! My name is Christopher Floyd and I’m part of the team at Indie MEGABOOTH. If you’ve been to a PAX, GDC, E3, Gamescom, or BitSummit recently, you probably saw us there. We work to help independent teams get their games noticed at huge game events such as those I just mentioned.

We’re pleased to announce that Epic is offering extra support to Unreal Engine developers taking part in our PAX West 2016 showcase.

Epic provided similar support at this year’s PAX East showcase for the following teams:

The support will specifically assist with covering some of the costs incurred from organizing your booth space, while also helping to raise awareness of your project. We’re grateful to Epic for helping out our teams!

If you are an Unreal developer, and considering submitting to Indie MEGABOOTH for PAX West 2016, be sure to let us know in your submission that your game uses Unreal Engine.

The deadline to submit your game is 11:59pm PDT June 3, 2016. Please visit our FAQ to get started.