September 21, 2017

Epic Games Heads to Oculus Connect 4

By Chance Ivey

This October, Oculus is bringing back Oculus Connect, its annual VR conference held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Developers can expect the latest news and insights surrounding all things Oculus while catching talks and connecting with industry professionals.

Similar to previous years, the Unreal Engine team will be in attendance to host sessions, answer technical questions and connect with you, the VR community! Here’s a breakdown of our involvement at the show.


OC4 Unreal Engine Office Hours

Have technical questions about development with UE4? We’ll have a room filled with experts to help you through any challenges you’re facing. If you’d like to schedule a time to talk with someone from the Unreal Engine team, shoot us a message to [email protected] with the following info:

  • Name of Developer / Team:
  • Project Name:
  • Technical issue/Questions:
  • Is this based on Gear VR or Oculus Rift:
  • Will you have your project with you?
  • Do you have a prior relationship with Epic? If so, who is your business contact? (This will help us know more about your project.)
  • What is the nature of your question?
    • Gameplay
    • Performance
    • Unreal features
    • Platform-specific questions (Oculus Rift, Gear VR, etc.)
    • Getting started with Unreal Engine 4

Due to time limitations, we can’t guarantee that every request will be fulfilled, but we will do our very best!

Wanting to connect but don’t have a technical issue? We’ll have folks from our business and community teams on site as well. You can hit the alias for those appointments as well.

Under the Hood of Robo Recall & UE4 Roadmap

Our very own technical director of AR and VR, Nick Whiting, will be giving an in-depth technical postmortem on the development of Robo Recall, Epic’s first-person action game for Oculus Rift + Touch released earlier this year. Here’s the official session title and description:

The Road to Release: A Technical Postmortem for Robo Recall

Nick Whiting, Technical Director, AR and VR, Epic Games

Achieving high-end visuals while maintaining 90FPS for VR is a delicate balance and requires both deliberate technical decisions and bleeding-edge technology. This session will cover optimization techniques employed during the development of Robo Recall as well as the technical advances made in Unreal Engine 4, including huge upgrades to both the rendering and VR framework code. We'll also take a look at the latest development roadmap to see what's coming to developers in Unreal Engine 4.

OC4 Unreal Developer Highlight: Future Lighthouse

Future Lighthouse, creator of the Unreal Engine-powered storytelling experience MELITA, will discuss evangelism and advocacy for the VR community. They will analyze what is happening now and how can we help move the industry forward in a panel, “Building Global Communities,” which brings together developers from around the globe: Roberto Romero Pérez of Future Lighthouse (Spain), Judith Okonkwo of Ìmísí 3D Creation Lab (Nigeria), and Nausharwan Mir of Psychic VR (Japan). Sara Vogl of VRBase (Amsterdam/Berlin) will moderate.

Read more about Future Lighthouse and their technical strategies for MELITA right here.

Check out the full conference schedule to view the full line-up. We hope to catch you at Oculus Connect 4 and hear all about what you’re building in VR. Attending the show? Mention @UnrealEngine on Twitter and let us know!