October 3, 2016

Epic Games and Unreal Engine head to Steam Dev Days

By Chance Ivey

Steam Dev Days is right around the corner, and Epic Games is about to hit the road to particpiate in the developer-focused conference on October 12 and 13 in Seattle, WA. Attendees can expect talks from the team ranging from the latest VR advancements in UE4 to shipping games with small teams, participation in the Vulkan panel and an appearance in the keynote. On top of that, UE4 developers in attendance will have the opportunity to connect with team Epic to receive hands-on support from the Unreal Engine development team at the show.

Here's the rundown of what attendees can expect:


Opening Keynote: The Future of VR and PC Games

Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney will talk about leading-edge directions in VR including digital humans, social interaction, user-created content, photorealistic graphics, and breaking down the barriers between genres -- and how these trends are contributing towards a new medium resembling the Metaverse from science fiction.


Wednesday Oct. 12 from 11:15am-12:00pm, 4E


Tim Sweeney - Founder and CEO, Epic Games

Vulkan Graphics Panel

This panel on Vulkan pulls together graphics experts from across the industry to discuss the present and future of Vulkan, the new generation graphics and compute API. Vulkan provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs used in a wide variety of devices from PCs and consoles to mobile phones and embedded platforms. Moderated by John McDonald of Valve.


Thursday Oct. 13 from 11:15am-12:15pm, 4C2


Sr. Core Rendering Engineer Rolando Caloca from Epic Games and developers from Nvidia, Valve and Croteam.

Shipping a VR Game with Unreal Engine 4

This is a talk in two parts, beginning with an Unreal Engine 4 overview from Wes Bunn of Epic and transitioning into a breakdown of how to successfully bring UE4 VR games to Steam. 

Part One: Learn how to get started with Unreal Engine 4's native editors, get the most out of project templates, find learning materials and resources, and hear Epic's tips and tricks for anyone new to the engine.

Part Two: Using UE4 Blueprints and the Marketplace as force multipliers, Steve Bowler and Jeremy Chapman from CloudGate Studio will show you how they have been able to create and publish multiple premium SteamVR titles with a small team in a short time frame.


Thursday Oct. 13 from 3:00pm-4:00pm, 4C2


Wes Bunn - Sr. Technical Writer, Epic Games
Steve Bowler - President, CloudGate Studio
Jeremy Chapman - CCO, CloudGate Studio

Unreal Engine Office Hours

In addition to the above talks, the Unreal Engine development team will be providing one-on-one support for UE4 developers throughout the show. If you're registered for the Steam Dev Days, you will have received information about how to secure your slot. 

To find out more about what the show has in store, please visit the Steam Dev Days website and check out the detailed schedule on Guidebook

Heading to Seattle for the conference? Let us know at @UnrealEngine on Twitter! We hope to see you there!