September 6, 2016

Epic Games and NVIDIA Team Up for VR Funhouse Game Jam

By Dana Cowley

VR developers and players unite! Epic Games has announced the VR Funhouse Game Jam in partnership with NVIDIA, Valve and HTC. Based on NVIDIA’s free carnival game for HTC Vive, VR Funhouse, the jam will take place September 24-26 on the incredible MS Bleichen ship in Hamburg, Germany.

Pre-selected teams from across Europe will utilize the brand new VR Funhouse Mod Kit to build new experiences for NVIDIA’s technically stunning game for the event’s first 48 hours in preparation of showing their work to the public.

The VR Funhouse Game Jam will culminate with a consumer day on Monday, September 26, when the MS Bleichen ship will open its doors to registered attendees, who will go hands-on with the new projects. Epic, Valve and NVIDIA will raffle off a range of prizes which attendees are eligible to win.

We invite you to register now for the showcase event on Monday, September 26, at

Every piece of VR Funhouse is now open for discovery and experimentation. The playable game is available on Steam; the full VR Funhouse source code is on GitHub; and the VR Funhouse Mod Kit can be downloaded via the Epic Games launcher, along with Unreal Engine 4 - all at no charge.

Read more about the VR Funhouse Mod Kit on the NVIDIA blog and learn how to mod VR Funhouse.