Build: for Automotive 2020


Build: for Automotive events are where real-time workflows converge with AI, cloud, and big data in a showcase of the most innovative technology projects in the automotive industry. Learn how these factors are transforming traditional pipelines across design, engineering, and marketing, making them faster and more cost-effective, and freeing them of constraints on creativity.

“I was really inspired, meeting all these people and seeing how they work with the same technology but in really different ways to create these amazing experiences.”

- Emma Schröder,  Senior Consultant, MHP - A Porsche Company 

Dive into Build: Munich ’19

Find out about the innovative real-time projects showcased by Audi, Daimler, Mercedes, BMW, and McLaren at Build: Munich ’19 for Automotive.

Real-time automotive innovations

Discover the latest real-time projects that are transforming design, engineering, and marketing across the automotive industry.

Reality accelerated

Download Unreal Engine and create real-time immersive experiences that let stakeholders evaluate concepts and configure options with confidence.


Daimler Protics: Fixing engineering problems using real-time visualization

Daimler’s multiplayer real-time platform for engineers enables them to perform design reviews at full scale in a fully immersive environment.

McLaren: Transforming design and marketing pipelines with real-time tools

A look at the evolution of McLaren’s configurators, and how the company has improved ROI by embracing real-time design and marketing pipelines. 

Nissan: A pioneering workflow for configurable TV advertising

Untold Studios explains how it used real-time rendering to power a pioneering workflow for TV advertising in a proof-of-concept version of Nissan’s ident films for the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Audi: Pixel Streaming and instant global updates

Audi is putting real-time workflows such as Pixel Streaming and agile global updates to its dealerships’ digital showrooms at the heart of its plans for the future.

Mercedes: Experiencing VR as car passenger

Mercedes showcases an experimental project aimed at marrying the sensation of being in a moving vehicle with engaging visuals provided via a VR headset. 

Epic Games: Optimizing for ray-traced scenes

Epic Games’ Florian Dirmhirn gives some tips on optimizing your hardware setup for ray-traced automotive visualizations.

BMW: Introducing an immersive dealership experience

BMW showcases EVE, an Unreal Engine-powered dealership experience for both VR and large screen that has been pushed out to thousands of dealers.

Epic Games: Apollo 11 Mission AR

A look at Apollo 11 Mission AR, a UE4-powered Microsoft HoloLens 2 demo that uses Holographic Remoting to bring high-end PC graphics to mixed reality and display holograms of immense detail.