Autodesk University 2019

November 19-21
Las Vegas

Unreal Engine at Autodesk University 2019

At Autodesk University 2019 in Las Vegas, we experienced the future of interactive design with the latest real-time technology. Watch booth presentations from our own in-house specialists and inspiring guest presenters and learn more about our speakers below.

Introduction to Real-time Design Visualization

Recorded sessions

Introduction to Real-time Design Visualization
Interactive Architectural Visualization in Unreal Engine
20 Unreal Engine tips in 20 minutes
Tools for architectural visualization storytelling
Interactive Automotive Visualization in Unreal Engine
A Myriad of UE4 Deliverables for Customer Needs
Digital Mockup for Product Development at Harley-Davidson
Twinmotion Quickstart for Architectural Visualization


Stephen Phillips

Theia Interactive
Stephen leads the development of Theia's advanced VR and AR visualizations for enterprise clients in the AEC space. After graduating from university with a game development degree and multiple honors he put gamification to use with Unreal Engine and pioneered VR applications such as luxury hotel design reviews, medical facility walkthroughs, real estate pre-leasing, construction site approvals, and award-winning product demonstrations.  

Carlos Cristerna

With over 15 years' experience in the architectural visualization industry, Carlos has helped Neoscape streamline not only traditional 3D production processes, but he has also pioneered new technologies and incorporated them seamlessly into the studio's offerings. As Neoscape's Rad Lab director, Carlos leads the studio's efforts in research and development. In this role, he explores and implements new creative technologies, products, and ideas, bringing them to life to solve real client problems. 

Matthew Gueller

Matt has over 20 years of experience in the industrial design side of engineering, having spent 7 years at John Deere and over 18 years at Harley-Davidson as a consultant and employee. In his current role at Harley-Davidson as Senior Surface Designer, he focuses on styling support, reverse engineering from scan, Class A surfacing, conceptual modeling, and conceptual visualization. He also serves as gatekeeper for the “art to part” process.

Craig Barr

Epic Games
Craig has well over 20 years of experience in the VFX, games, and software production industries. Craig’s educational background offers a unique blend of both science and animation. As a Virtual and Augmented Reality Specialist with Unreal Engine, he brings unique experience and expertise to the world of real-time content creation.

Daryl Obert

Epic Games
Daryl is a 25+ year CG veteran currently working for Epic Games' enterprise team in Technical Marketing and evangelizing Unreal Engine. He is a subject matter expert in VR/AR, visualization, animation, rendering, VFX, modeling - Nurbs | Solid | Polygon, motion capture, compositing, and game engines.

Chris Murray

Epic Games
Chris Murray is an experienced 3D artist/animator and creative technologist specializing in real-time technologies. His daily role includes technical evangelism for the Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games where he is the Senior Manager for Online Learning. He is the former Technical Marketing Manager for Autodesk’s 3ds Max. He has created digital 3D content for clients such as, Walt Disney Attractions, Johnson & Johnson, CanonUSA, ABC television, Nickelodeon, and Sega.

Martin Krasemann

Epic Games
Martin Krasemann joined the Twinmotion team in 2013. Specializing in real-time technology and rendering, Martin started as a technical artist working on the Twinmotion library, but now he is the Twinmotion Product Marketing Specialist, creating a bridge between the clients and the development team through webinars or live presentations.

Industry Talks

The Architect, the Client and the Game Engine - An intro to optimizing workflows - with David Weir-Mccall

Using Virtual Reality for Knowledge Transfer and Teaching Empathetic Design - with Jess Purcell

Render Everything Everywhere: Creating Flexible Rendering Pipelines - with George Maestri