Epic Content License Agreement Change Log

DISCLAIMER: The following change log is intended to aid subscribers by flagging major substantive changes in EULA amendments, but is not intended to detail all changes. Prior to accepting the amended EULA, you should review the full agreement.

EULA update 2:

  • Added an exception to the restriction in 5(c)(iii) to permit UE-Only Content to be used or accessed by third parties for the purpose of creating content for distribution to the public.
EULA update 3
  • Added new Section 17 dealing with Artificial Intelligence
  • Added prohibition against using NoAI Content (i.e., content with the “NoAI” tag applied) (i) in datasets utilized by Generative AI Programs, (ii) in the development of Generative AI Programs, or (iii) as inputs to Generative AI Programs.
  • Added Epic commitment not to use or license to third parties any Licensed Content for use in connection with Generative AI Programs.
  • Added prohibition against using Licensed Content for the purposes of publishing, selling, distributing or otherwise making the content available to others to use, download or copy, except as explicitly allowed.
  • Deleted content restrictions specific to Megascans in Megascans Content Addendum
  • Deleted content restrictions specific to Metahumans in Metahuman Content Addendum