Animated Children’s Series ZAFARI Springs to Life with Unreal Engine

Meet ZAFARI - the first animated children’s show rendered completely in Unreal Engine. Learn how Digital Dimension unlocked new potential with its captivating series.

Datasmith and Unreal Engine Drive Real-time Architectural Design at Neoscape

Applying a real-time approach to strategy and branding in the real estate world, Neoscape uses Datasmith and Unreal Engine to excel.

Blasting Off with 'Morgan Lives in a Rocket House' in VR

After watching Epic’s ‘A Boy and his Kite’, animator Peter Monga knew he had found the solution he needed to begin working on the fun and colorful pre-school show that also recently released in VR.

HALON Evolves Previs with Unreal Engine

War For the Planet of the Apes has set a new previs standard and we caught up with the Apes previs/postvis team to learn more about the process.

Soluis Group & Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group - Building RED in UE4

Using UE and their Immersive Reality Portal, Soluis Group have created an astonishing look and feel for the new Radisson RED hotel in Brussels. Witness where real ends, and Unreal begins.

The Human Race – An Inside Look at the Technology Behind the Groundbreaking Real-Time Film from Epic Games, The Mill and Chevrolet

Unreal Engine’s high fidelity real time rendering capabilities proved to be the key to building this augmented reality process, letting creatives instantly visualize a CG car model within live action shots and adjust accordingly.

How Unreal Engine Helped to Bring Chicago's Phenomenal Experiential Installation 150 Media Stream To Life

We explore the phenomenal 150 Media Stream "living sculpture" and the remarkable creative technology behind it.

How MTV Choreographika Leveraged UE4 to Bring Social Sentiment to Life

Have you ever wondered what social sentiment might look like if it were brought to life? That was the goal of Choreographika, which is an original artwork by Silent made in collaboration with No Ghost and through production company Friends Electric.

Become a German U-Boat Captain with Unreal Engine

Discover how the talented team at Leviathan leveraged Unreal Engine 4 to deliver a truly immersive historical experience.

How Unreal Engine is Breaking New Ground in the Construction Industry

Groundbreakings are nothing new to the world of construction, but a recent groundbreaking in virtual reality has brought a new sense of innovation and imagination to the concept.

Out of This World - An Inside Look at the Making of “Field Trip to Mars”

We catch up with Framestore to discuss the design, implementation and sheer gratification of its breakthrough project that has the technology world buzzing.

Unreal Engine 4 Drives Mountain Dew NASCAR VR Experience

The soft drink maker puts users inside a virtual racecar! Find out how the project came to be and the role Unreal Engine 4 played in bringing it to life.

Unreal Engine 4 Sends Mass Effect: New Earth Out Of This World

John Gaudiosi discovers more about the arrival of Mass Effect: New Earth - the Unreal Engine 4-powered theme park ride based on the popular gaming franchise.

Carowinds Takes Aim With Unreal Engine 4 Plants vs. Zombies Attraction

John Gaudiosi chats with the teams behind the amazing Plants vs. Zombies theme park attraction to discover how Unreal Engine 4 is empowering all-new types of experiences.


Burrows are a part of WPP, the world’s leading advertising agency network, and have been established more than 50 years. As an agency they specialize in digital and CGI work, and for them it has always been about delivering the absolute pinnacle of quality with regards to imagery and visu


Adidas NMD Cube Project uses UE4 to Push the Boundaries of Marketing, Engage Community

A real-world installation project puts Unreal Engine’s real-time capabilities to work in an effort to engage the adidas community throughout Europe.

McDonald’s Interactive Happy Meal Box VR Experience Debuts at SXSW 2016

McDonald’s unveiled “V-Artist” at the 2016 SXSW festival, where attendees had the unique opportunity to step inside a virtual Happy Meal Box and be creative.

Rotor Brings Toyota Showroom 360 to Life with Unreal Engine

Based in the sunny Australian city of Sydney, Rotor Studios are a full service production house, incorporating a CGI studio and software development company. They have been working closely with Toyota Motor Corporation of Australia (TMCA) to develop and deploy Toyota Showroom 360, an advan


How NASA Trains Astronauts with Unreal Engine

“NASA is always interested in integrating cutting edge technology into our systems. At a fundamental level, training our astronauts to explore space is a lot like a game. We immerse the user in a fabricated, 3-dimensional environment and have them complete objectives under various constra


Hammerhead VR Creates Immersive Worlds with Unreal Engine

Hammerhead VR are the UK-based virtual reality specialists who work with a wide cross-section of brands and agencies. With a team that are made up of experts from not only the VR industry, but also film, TV, visual FX, as well as cutting-edge entertainment projects, they have recently started t

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