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Digital twins

For architecture, engineering, and construction

The world of urban planning and city maintenance is changing. The benefits of digital twins are becoming more and more apparent, as these analysis tools help increase efficiencies and inform decisions. Want to learn more about the role Unreal Engine can play, or to discuss your own implementation of digital twins? Contact us to start the conversation.

What are digital twins?

A digital twin is a 3D model of a physical entity like a building or city, but with live, continuous data updating its functions and processes in real time, providing a means for analyzing and optimizing a structure. When live data from the physical system is fed to the digital replica, it moves and functions just like the real thing, giving you instant visual feedback on your processes. The collected data can be used to calculate metrics like speed, trajectory, and energy usage, and to analyze and predict efficiencies.

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Why are digital twins relevant?

On our video series The Pulse, a panel of experts discusses how digital twins technology is set to improve city residents’ quality of life, both now and decades into the future.
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Simulate for better planning

Find out how 51World used data from satellites, drones, and sensors to generate a digital version of Shanghai, China’s most populous city, to gain insights for optimizing infrastructure and improving services.

Plan for development

Tampa’s mixed reality digital twin combines 3D printed buildings with a projection-mapped scale model of the city, showing the real-time evolution of a 56-acre development over the next five years.
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Prepare for change

To prepare for the advent of digital twins and smart cities, Aerometrex is using Twinmotion to build a 3D replica of every major Australian city. Its first project is Adelaide and its surroundings, covering 1000 sq km in all. 

Make it happen with Unreal Engine

With Unreal Engine, you can create compex digital twins, and use them to visualize your assets, processes, and workflow like never before—in real time. Want to learn more, or to discuss your own implementation? Contact us to start the conversation, and download Unreal Engine for free to begin your journey today.