Classroom Training

Unreal for Archviz: Realistic Lighting & Materials

Part of the Unreal Engine Techniques series, this beginner workshop walks through creating a high-quality architectural visualization project, focusing on how to achieve photorealistic lighting and Materials.

Note: Due to uncertainty around health concerns, Unreal Engine training center classes and workshops have been postponed until August 1, 2020. We will provide further notice regarding the upcoming schedule as information becomes available.

Class overview

In this workshop, we’ll go through the entire workflow for creating high-quality final renders, animations, and interactive scenes, focusing on how to achieve photorealistic lighting and Materials.

Class outline

  • Data prep and import overview
  • UE4 scene setup for iterative design 
  • Lightmass settings 
  • Lightmaps and Lightmap UVs
  • “Scandinavian render” daylight scenario
  • HDRI Skydome
  • PBR Materials, microscopic detail workflow.
  • Realistic polished concrete, wood with scratches
  • Lighting: night time scenario
  • Artificial lighting techniques: focal, soft, brilliance
  • Post Process Volume and CineCamera settings for photographic output 
  • Sequencer settings for high resolution film output


Before attending this class you should have installed Unreal Engine and explored the interface.


Eight-hour class.

Class level