Classroom Training

Unreal for Archviz: Introduction to Blueprints

Part of the Unreal Engine Techniques series, this one-day workshop provides techniques and best practices for implementing interactivity in your architectural projects using the Blueprint Visual Scripting system.

Note: Due to uncertainty around health concerns, Unreal Engine training center classes and workshops have been postponed until August 1, 2020. We will provide further notice regarding the upcoming schedule as information becomes available.

Class overview

In this one-day workshop, you'll discover methods used to bring architectural projects to life by developing systems for interaction and customization within your architectural scene.  You’ll learn to work with the UE class framework for Pawns, game mode, and player controllers in order to create an interaction system that propagates throughout multiple interactions in your project. You’ll use line traces to ascertain what items you’re looking at in your scene and set up interactive light sources, interactive doors, and interactive materials. 

Class outline

  • UE class framework 
  • Using line trace 
  • Setting up interactive scene elements
  • Creation of customization systems for scene assets
  • Building Blueprints-driven lighting


An Introduction to Unreal Engine or Unreal for Archviz: An Introduction and
Blueprints Visual Scripting Fundamentals.


Eight-hour class.

Class level