Classroom Training

Lighting Fundamentals

This class provides an overview of lighting workflows in Unreal Engine. Through a series of small projects, we’ll investigate lighting techniques and apply these skills practically to indoor and outdoor scenes.
Note: Due to uncertainty around health concerns, Unreal Engine training center classes and workshops have been postponed until August 1, 2020. We will provide further notice regarding the upcoming schedule as information becomes available.

Class overview

In this workshop, we’ll investigate lighting techniques within the engine and apply these skills practically to an indoor and outdoor scene. For the indoor scene, we’ll use a baked lighting pipeline to achieve high fidelity lighting that is scalable across platforms. For the outdoor scene, we’ll work with movable lights to create a dynamic environment with soft shadows updating in real-time.

Class outline

  • Overview of lighting pipelines in Unreal Engine
  • Lighting an indoor scene
  • Lighting an outdoor scene
  • Advanced lighting setup for singular assets
  • Lighting efficiency and optimization
  • Introduction to ray tracing


An Introduction to Unreal Engine or Unreal for Archviz: An Introduction


Eight-hour class.

Class level