Unreal Engine training

Professional training to build or expand your real-time skillset. Attend a workshop at an Unreal Engine training center.

Classroom training

Note: Due to uncertainty around health concerns, Unreal Engine training center classes and workshops have been postponed until January 1, 2021. We will provide further notice regarding the upcoming schedule as information becomes available. Please reach out to your sales representative if you are interested in professional, private group training.

Register online to attend workshops at Epic's training centers in Los Angeles, CA or Guildford, England.
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An introduction to Unreal Engine

Through a series of small projects, you’ll learn the basics of optimization for real-time pipelines, importing data, creating materials, lighting, and adding interactivity with Unreal Engine Blueprints.

Blueprint Visual Scripting Fundamentals

This workshop teaches the core skills needed to develop applications using the Blueprint visual scripting system: a powerful interface system that puts the full range of programming tools into designers’ hands.

Lighting Fundamentals

This class provides an overview of lighting workflows in Unreal Engine. Through a series of small projects, we’ll investigate lighting techniques and apply these skills practically to indoor and outdoor scenes.

Materials Fundamentals

This class provides an overview of materials workflows in Unreal Engine. Using examples, we’ll investigate Materials techniques and apply these skills practically to achieve a variety Material effects.

Optimization Fundamentals

This workshop provides an overview of optimization workflows in Unreal Engine. Learn key concepts and techniques, and use these tools to balance quality and performance in your projects.

Sequencer Fundamentals

This workshop dives into Sequencer in Unreal Engine. Design a cinematic sequence, learning about scene setup, animating characters and props, editing shots, and using cinematic camera tools to polish results.

Unreal for Archviz: An Introduction

This workshop takes you on a journey from Autodesk Revit to UE4. Learn how to use Datasmith, master Unreal Engine’s Material system, bring your project to life with lighting, and package everything for viewing.

Unreal for Archviz: Introduction to Blueprints

Part of the Unreal Engine Techniques series, this one-day workshop provides techniques and best practices for implementing interactivity in your architectural projects using the Blueprint Visual Scripting system.

Unreal for Archviz: Realistic Lighting & Materials

Part of the Unreal Engine Techniques series, this beginner workshop walks through creating a high-quality architectural visualization project, focusing on how to achieve photorealistic lighting and Materials.

Unreal Techniques: Automating Data-Preparation with Blueprints & Python

Part of the Unreal Engine Techniques series, this one-day workshop covers a variety of tools and techniques to optimize and simplify your data-preparation process.

Unreal Techniques: Blueprints for Automotive Configurators

Part of the Unreal Engine Techniques series, this two-day workshop teaches you to build a simple interactive application using Unreal Engine.

Unreal Techniques: Intermediate Blueprints

In this hands-on workshop, we will build on a basic understanding of Blueprints to learn the best practices for transferring information between objects as well as manipulating them.

Unreal Techniques: Shader Optimization and Material Effects

This class dives into realistic real-time rendering in Unreal Engine. Learn about Material functions, techniques for optimizing translucent objects, and how to create beautiful cinematic shots in Sequencer.

Unreal Techniques: Take Recorder and VCam for Virtual Production

Part of the Unreal Engine Techniques series, this course is an introduction to the basics of virtual production, from setting up cameras to recording the scene through a hand-held VCam.