Award-Winning “ICI Laflaque” Gets a Fresh New Look with Unreal Engine

When you need to produce 30 minutes of animation for broadcast TV every week, broadcast-quality output can be a challenge. That’s why Quebecois TV show “ICI Laflaque” switched to Unreal Engine for real-time rendering. 

The 2018 Summer #ue4jam Results Are In!

Armed with a theme, over 300 Unreal developers set out to create their inspirations in under five days. See the results of their efforts and which teams are taking home great prizes! 

A Two Person Team Brings the Immersive World of Elea to Life with UE4

Indie developer Kyodai Ltd invites players to experience an immersive adventure that challenges the way we think about humanity and its place in the universe.

Reynaers Aluminium Makes Design Accessible with VR CAVE

With AVALON, an immersive visualization CAVE installed at their headquarters, Reynaers Aluminium has created a way for architects, clients, and investors to virtually visit a newly-designed space and engage in natural discussion for the ultimate collaborative experience.

Join Epic Games at SketchUp’s 3D Basecamp 2018 Conference

Are you ready for SketchUp’s biennial 3D Basecamp conference? Join the Unreal Engine team and SketchUp’s inspiring 3D modeling community for four days of design innovation, exciting presentations, and networking activities!

UE4 Helps AnotherWorld VR Bring Cinematic Realism to the KOBOLD VR Experience

When cinema meets VR gaming, how do you keep both horror-movie fans and hardened gamers happy? By immersing them in a world that’s realistic enough to make them believe they’re really there, and frightening enough to make them wish they weren’t.

Trends in Real-Time Rendering: Forrester Report

What are the emerging trends in real-time rendering? The answers from our latest survey might surprise you. AI, big data, and employee satisfaction all play a role in the accelerating adoption of real-time rendering in enterprise fields.

Unreal Studio Beta Extended

The free Unreal Studio beta, launched in March 2018, has already helped thousands of designers, artists, and creatives build exciting new content with Unreal Engine. Now, we’re extending the beta to September 2019!

Unreal Road Trip: Portland, St. Louis, Kansas City and Boston

Starting next week, Christian Allen, Unreal Engine Evangelist for North America, will be taking an Epic trip across the US to make connections with several of our Meetup user groups.

Multi-user Collaboration and Unreal Engine Real-Time Production

Epic, ILMxLAB and NVIDIA have extended the “Reflections” real-time ray tracing demo to showcase multi-user collaboration in Unreal Engine, with feature-quality output using a single Quadro RTX 6000 GPU, to preview the future of filmmaking.

Visualizing Finances with Unreal Engine

Who says accounting has to be dull? Christopher Commin, a chartered accountant and avid gamer, found an innovative use for Unreal Engine -  creating a space where users can explore and interact with financial data. 

Unreal Engine Developers Converge at Gamescom 2018

As all eyes were on Cologne, Germany for gamescom 2018, Unreal Engine developers turned out in full force to showcase their incredible games and gather with their fellow creators.

Decommissioning Video Tutorials on the Documentation Site

We recently launched a new online learning site that better facilitates our vision for video tutorials and provides a learning resource worthy of Unreal Engine.

Datasmith for SketchUp Brings Static Models to Life

”Datasmith for SketchUp was the missing piece.” Learn how architecture firm Turner Fleischer has implemented Datasmith to bring life and character to static SketchUp models, and engaged their clients using interactive media generated with Unreal Engine.

NVIDIA Edge Program Recipients - August 2018

August’s NVIDIA Edge recipients take us from a stunning summer villa in Madrid, through a beautiful haunted home, and straight into a Cold-War era research facility. Dig into these impressive projects and submit your own for a chance at an NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti!

Niagara Enhancements and Sample Overview

Niagara was built from the ground up to be a super-flexible editor that features a modular approach to designing particle effects. With it, artists have total control over particle simulation and particle rendering.

Announcing Unreal Dev Days 2018

Join us for a full day of sessions first in Los Angeles and then in Montreal as we go in-depth on best practices, new features, and more. 

Unreal Engine Developers Shine at PAX West 2018

PAX West 2018 took place this past weekend in Seattle and Unreal Engine developers from around the world were on-hand to demo their games and mingle at the official UE mixer.

Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough Stream Recap

Whether you’re new to animation or looking for advanced techniques, this series of helpful videos provides you with what you need to know about Animation Blueprints.

Unreal Engine Helps Power Kite & Lightning’s Winning Performance at Real-Time Live!

Can readily available technology be combined to create award-winning real-time mocap experiences? Find out how one small studio on a limited budget walked away with first place at SIGGRAPH 2018 Real-Time Live!

Shotgun Integration Now Available in Unreal Engine 4.20

Unreal Engine is the first game engine supported in Shotgun’s Toolkit platform, a suite of integrations with multiple DCC applications and a vast ecosystem of useful pipeline tools.

Aspyr Uses Unreal Engine 4 to Bring the Dark-Science Fiction Mystery ‘Torn’ to Life in VR

Inspired by The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, Creative Director Neill Glancy delivers an in-depth look at what it takes to bring an immersive VR experience to market.

Boeing Pushes the Envelope at Custom Unreal Engine Build Event

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, continues a tradition of innovation by embracing Unreal Engine for real-time immersive aircraft training, space simulation, automotive manufacturing and architectural visualization.

Stunning Student Film Short Showcases the Creative Power of Unreal Engine

It doesn’t always take a massive team to make visual magic. Eric Liu’s masterful student project, Robots’ Design Academy, uses Unreal Engine to weave a charming tale of robotic rebellion.