Datasmith and Unreal Engine Drive Real-time Architectural Design at Neoscape

Applying a real-time approach to strategy and branding in the real estate world, Neoscape uses Datasmith and Unreal Engine to excel.

Unreal Engine 4.19 Preview 1 Now Available

The first preview for Unreal Engine 4.19 is now available for download on the Epic Games launcher. Get it now and see what new features are in store for you!

Epic Games Announces New Round of Unreal Dev Grants Totaling over $200,000

Chosen developers around the globe building independent games, tools and an animated feature film In Unreal Engine 4

Moving Beyond the Image: Test Drive Your Visual Designs

What does it mean to experience design? Learn how companies are using Unreal Engine and real-time techniques to test drive their work in powerful new ways.

Design Manufacturing for Real-Time Visualization in Unreal Engine Webinar

Are you ready to experience faster, more efficient product design workflows using real-time technology? This upcoming webinar is something you don’t want to miss!

The Gaming Industry Gets Set for an Unreal 2018

As gaming industry media outlets identify their most highly-anticipated games of 2018, their lists are loaded with Unreal Engine titles to look forward to!

NVIDIA Edge Program Winners - December 2017

Once again, our community steps up to the plate. Check out the outstanding projects taking home an NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti and learn how you can earn one too!

Unreal Engine for VFX Master Class Coming to Los Angeles

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine experts will be at Gnomon School of VFX to present two master classes covering the fundamental concepts and workflows that drive real-time performance.

Unreal Engine 4 Mastery: Create Multiplayer Games with C++ in New Course from Udemy

Unleash the power of C++ and Blueprint to develop Multiplayer Games with AI in this Epic Games-approved course from Udemy.

Getting Started with Unreal Multiplayer in C++

While Unreal Engine offers fantastic multiplayer support right out of the box, the team at Udemy has made this ‘Getting Started Guide’ to help you map out the territory and take your first steps towards a multiplayer game of your own.

Unreal Engine Developers Featured in IndieDB’s Top 100 of 2017

As the year comes to a close, it’s a perfect time to look back on some of the amazing games that you have been making with Unreal Engine. Recently, IndieDB announced it’s top 100 Indies of 2017 and there were plenty of Unreal titles in the mix!

Celebrating an Unreal 2017

From real-time production to AAA game releases, innovative indie projects and Oscar-winning storytelling, we look back on a truly epic year for Unreal Engine developers worldwide!

Releasing on Xbox for Indies

We’ve partnered up with the ID@Xbox team to take a dive into the process for releasing a title on Xbox; from how to register as a developer, advice and support on development, to looking at release procedures.

Significant Changes Coming To VR Resolution Settings in 4.19

We’re adding a new cvar in 4.19 to control panel resolution for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) Virtuality Reality (VR) projects and moving away from referencing Screen Percentage. Here’s what you need to know.

The Unreal Engine Marketplace Holiday Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Take advantage of the final sale of 2017 with over 1,700 items discounted up to 90% off!

Four Ways Realtime Reduces Design-to-build Process Time and Improves Workflow

The sooner you can test ideas and validate designs to see what works, the less resources you’ll throw away on the ones that didn’t. With that in mind, here are four major benefits realtime brings to your production workflows.

The Unreal Engine Games That Powered PlayStation Experience 2017

We take a look at the long list of Unreal Engine titles that captured players’ hearts and minds during PSX 2017 in Anaheim, CA.

Unreal Engine Developers Take Center Stage at The Game Awards 2017

Unreal Engine developers from around the globe spent time in the spotlight as the games industry gathered to celebrate the most outstanding creative and technical achievements of 2017 and look forward to what’s ahead.

Discussing Multiplayer Infrastructure with GPORTAL

We catch up with GPORTAL to discuss what developers should know about managing multiplayer infrastructure in their multiplayer-focused games. 

The 2017 Epic MegaJam Results Are In

After three weeks, 270+ games, and much deliberation we’ve selected the 2017 Epic MegaJam winners! Read on to find out who snagged the top spots.