Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

Follow along as Dana discusses all the awesome Unreal Engine-related activity from PAX Prime, and Deke Waters goes over aspects of the Marketplace following its commercial launch earlier last week. We also touch on a few aspects of our initiative to bring Unreal Engine 4 to academic institutions, free of charge. Read the blog post on education here.

Check out our photos from PAX on the Unreal Engine Facebook page. See what’s coming to Marketplace and vote on items you’d like to see become available on the Marketplace Trello board!


Hanako – Soul of the Samurai by Mpact Games

if you’re interested in fast-paced samurai combat, be sure to follow the team as they develop Hanako – Soul of the Samurai at their website and check out their PAX 2014 video.

Spartan Saga by Roccinio

This really cool 2D action platformer is being built with Paper2D and Blueprints. Check out the video showing the game in action.

More Arch Viz Awesomeness from Artist Rafael Reis

Rafael’s beautifully rendered scene shows off exceptionally realistic materials and lighting. See the full video here, and follow his progress in the forums.

James Butcher’s Sci-Fi Environment

Download James’ project from the forums, and watch out for more great work.

Tom Looman’s New First-Person Shooter: Switch

Watch the first playtest showcasing the unique game mechanics here. Keep an eye on the game by following the forum thread.

Hexapotato: Working Across the Globe for Ludum Dare

Jan, Scott, Peter, and Yoeri built this in just 48 hours. Download the game from the Ludum Dare website and play today.

Be sure to join us at twitch.tv/unrealengine every Thursday at 2PM ET!

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