Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

Stacey Conley hosts while Mike Fricker and Wes Bunn go through a slew of feature updates coming in Unreal Engine 4.5. Wes gives us a deeper look into the new animation retargeting workflow implemented to ease the process of moving skeletal meshes between different skeletons. The team finishes with a healthy dose of Q&A revolved around the upcoming release.

We are as excited about 4.5 as you all are, as it is by far our most robust update since the March 2014 launch at GDC. Watch out for the preview notes, followed by the official release in the coming weeks!


Procedural Spaceship Creation Tool by Joe Wintergreen

Procdeural Spaceship

Joe from Impromptu Games developed a tool in Blueprints that helps him more efficiently create the interiors of a spaceship. Each section can be customized by adding doors, windows, adjusting lighting, and more all through the editor interface. Check out his videos, screenshots, and updates on his thread in our forums.

Real-Time Architectural Visualization by Virtual Surrealism

Real Time Architectural Visualization

Virtual Surrealism, an architectural visualization studio, shows us their first real-time efforts in Unreal Engine 4 and impresses with their abilities. Watch the walkthrough video here, and view more stills of their scene on the forums!

As always, tune into the official Unreal Engine livestream at twitch.tv/unrealengine every Thursday at 2PM ET!

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