Weekly Twitch Recap – 8/21/2014

By Chance Ivey

Follow along as we go over event news, community spotlight, Landscape Mountains, and Marketplace!

Download the Landscape Mountains project for free today, and make sure to check out our Marketplace Trello to vote on potential offerings from the community! Remember, this is just the early beginnings of the Marketplace, so if there’s something you want to see that isn’t on the board, let us know here.

Community Spotlight

Jak Carver shows us a remarkable environment and effects work:

TDK Enviroment

This impressive environment scene built in just a weekend. Check out the forum thread and the video!

French artist Koola demonstrates his archviz abilities:

ArchViz Abilities

Beautiful architecture and lighting work. Other videos on Koola’s YouTube page. Check out the forum thread and the video!

Developer Justin “Antidamage” exhibits his cel-shading efforts:

Cel-Shading Efforts

Very well done cel-shading effects and great looking environment. Check out the forum thread and the video! Follow Justin "Antidamage" on Twitter.

End of Transmission – A top-down game in development By xrouter:

Top Down Game Play

Cool-looking top-down strategy / shooter game with squad control. Check out the forum thread and the video! Follow xrouter on Twitter and website.

Be sure to join us at twitch.tv/unrealengine every Thursday at 2PM ET!

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