Weekly Twitch Recap – 5/28/2015

By Chance Ivey

Last week, Epic’s QA Leads Nick Bullard-Bradley and Chelsea Curran discussed our testing process for Unreal Engine, provided tips on how you can test your own projects, and gave some insight into some items we’d like to roll out in the future. 

May’s #ue4jam, themed Raining Cats and Dogs, saw 27 submissions roll in. Here’s what the developers created: 

Community Spotlight - Game Jam Winners

Thunderblade by Cucomberos


A simple two-player button-masher, Thunderblade pits cat versus dog in a brawl to the death. Draw your sword or use your claws to push your opponent to the wall and to their demise. Download Thunderblade here.

Midnight Oil by Inx3 Games


Somewhat of a meta experience, Midnight Oil requires players to solve a series of riddles delivered via idioms on a computer terminal. Look high and low for clues and take note of your changing surroundings to solve each puzzle. Check out Midnight Oil!

Lonely Storm by Game Perspective


Lonely Storm puts players in control of an adorable little creature out to gather seeds and avoid the rain. Using the Albino power stops time and speeds up movement. Download Lonely Storm and collect all of the seeds before the time runs out. 

Be sure to watch the Unreal Engine livestream every Thursday at 2PM ET at twitch.tv/unrealengine

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