May 4, 2015

Weekly Twitch Recap – 4/30/2015

By Chance Ivey

So you've built or are building your game in Unreal Engine 4 and are greatly looking forward to release. Now what? Watch General Counsel Canon Pence and VP of Business Affairs Jay Wilbur talk about the business and legal side of making games. Find out about crowdfunding, filing trademarks, contracts, and other related topics. 

Community Spotlight

The Watchmaker - Micropsia Games


Meet Alexander, a watchmaker trapped inside a magical world who suffers from a rare disease that causes him to rapidly age. Players are challenged to navigate the world by solving a number of spatial puzzles using Alexander’s magnetic glove in order to keep him alive. Check out the video from Micropsia Games and keep an eye out for updates to the project on the forums

Quanta - Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2015


Quanta is a beautiful, unique cooperative game where two players work together to solve puzzles. One player jumps from planet to planet while the other plays at the macro level of the game’s world. Winner of multiple awards in the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition, Quanta is available for download here

Dungeon Architect Plugin - Ali Akbar


Ali Akbar is working on an amazing plugin for UE4 to streamline the creation of levels for games. His Dungeon Architect plugin allows designers to quickly create spaces by placing responsive volumes which build the environment around them. He’s posted a lot of information on his forum thread, and has an in-depth video outlining how the plugin works. Check it out!

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