Weekly Twitch Recap – 5/14/2015

By Chance Ivey

It’s rare these days to go too long without hearing about a game that just launched a Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight campaign. With many self-publishing and crowdfunding options appearing, it can be difficult at times to identify what to do with your studio or your game. Sr. Marketing Manager Dana Cowley, Head of Licensing, Americas, Joe Kreiner and Marketing Manager Amber Sharif were on set to provide sound advice to help developers navigate a number of challenges such as PR, funding, exposure, and more. 

4.8 Preview 2 should be available for you to download and start playing with today. Stay tuned for the full release heading to the Epic Games launcher in just a few weeks. 

Community Spotlight

Torture Cube by Project Torture


Torture Cube is a simple game with the seemingly infinite depth of most spatial puzzlers. Players roll the cube across the board while dodging obstacles, changing the map orientation, and collecting items in order to reach a goal with the highest possible score. Check out the gameplay video and tell developer AttemptD what you think.

Courage by Students at the University of Derby


A fantastic student project built by a team of 11 in around three months, Courage is a co-operative exploration game where players will take control of either an Alex or her Spirit Wolf, Courage. The project is currently up for the Autodesk CG Student Awards and will be available for download soon. Watch the video and find out more on their post.

Gallowmere from Medievil by Guillermo Moreno


A modern visualization of a classic title, this recreation of Gallowmere and Sir Dan Fortesque from MediEvil invokes some heavy nostalgia for those who played the game in the late 90’s. Guillermo’s video was shared a bunch over the past week, leading to the disappointment of many upon finding out that a full production remake is not in the works. Great work!

Be sure to watch the Unreal Engine livestream every Thursday at 2PM ET at twitch.tv/unrealengine

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