Weekly Twitch Recap – 5/7/2015

By Chance Ivey

Release over release, Unreal Engine gains a large number of enhancements, bug fixes, and altogether new features. 4.8 is no different, and this time we’ve had to split our live preview across two streams to get it all in! Technical Director Mike Fricker returns to pick up where we left off, and Lead Tools Programmer Matt Kuhlenschmidt hops in to help cover improvements the tools that are on the way.

4.8 Preview 2 should be available for you to download and start playing with today. Stay tuned for the full release heading to the Epic Games launcher in just a few weeks. 

Community Spotlight

Arduino Plugin by FusionLabz


Have you ever wanted to control objects in your UE4 game with using a custom controller or other hardware? FusionLabz has beat Alexander and myself to market with their Arduino plugin. If you’re a UE4 developer that’s into hardware development, this is a must download. Check out the videos and ask your questions to grizly32 on the forums

Tyrell Corporation by HyperlightDrifter


The second Blade Runner project that we’ve spotlighted, developer HyperlightDrifter has recreated the office of Eldon Tyrell. It’s always exciting seeing fictitious places be re-imagined using new technology, and this project delivers. Tell HyperlightDrifter what you think on their thread

Battery Jam


A wonderful creation from a group of ex-SCAD students, Battery Jam combines the great parts of games like Super Smash Bros., Bomberman, and Super Monkey Ball, and packages them up into one action-loaded title. Here’s the video where you’ll see out what it’s all about, and their blog where you’ll find development updates.

Dont miss the Unreal Engine livestream every Thursday at 2PM ET at twitch.tv/unrealengine

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