Weekly Twitch Recap – 4/23/2015

By Chance Ivey

Many inquires have poured in for information about version 4.8’s release and features, so we figured it was time to drag Technical Director Mike Fricker and General Manager Ray Davis onto the livestream to give us a peek at what’s coming and take your questions. We had so much to cover that we ran over on time, so tune back in on May 14 for the continuation!

Earlier this month, we kicked off our regularly scheduled #ue4jam themed “Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket”. The virtual event saw 19 submission with games of all types being created in just over three days. Here’s the video of April’s submissions.

Community Spotlight - Game Jam Winners

Chance's Egg Masquerade - Scorched Interactive


Chance’s Egg Masquerade is an Easter themes tower defense style game where rabbits attempt to steal eggs from the basket of their plaid-wearing friend. Set up your defenses and protect the perimeter from the thieves’ nightly onslaught. Download and play here

Egg Delivery - The Cheese Dragon


Taking the theme rather literally, Egg Delivery is a game where you must place multiple baskets on a cart, fill them with a large number of eggs, and deliver them to a destination without dropping too many. It is probably the best physics-based egg delivery game on the market today. Check it out!

EggMan Game Jam - kodimynatt


One of many two dimensional games submitted this time around, EggMan Game Jam by Kodimynatt puts the player in the shoes of a farmer trying to collect no more than five eggs. You can pull the game from the itch.io page here.

Mark your calendars and tune into the Unreal Engine livestream every Thursday at 2PM ET at twitch.tv/unrealengine.

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