Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

The release of Unreal Engine 4 last year encouraged a number of great projects built in UDK to make the jump to the new engine due to its across-the-board enhancements and the introduction of Blueprints, allowing for faster rebuilds and prototypes. One of those games was Hanako: Soul of the Samurai by +Mpact Games. Follow along as Matt Canei and Connor McCarthy from the team take us through their journey in developing the game, achieving their Steam Greenlight goals, and kicking off their Kickstarter campaign

The March #ue4jam had a grand total of 41 games, including the very first HTML5 submission! As per usual, games of all sorts rolled in throughout the weekend, and we’re glad to see so many newcomers diving in to learn the tools. 

The format of the game jams are going to change a small bit in April, so stay tuned for more info, as we’re probably going to announce soon!


GotBeef by CryptoCow


The team members of GotBeef have been jamming with us for a while now and were finalists back in the November jam! CryptoCow is a “Guess the Phrase” game where the player must decrypt an alien language and free the abducted cows from their cosmic captors. Hilarious and challenging, CrpytoCow can be downloaded here.

Freedom Code by Niemiec&Szwed


Another #ue4jam veteran team, Niemiec&Szwed were responsible for Suspicious Detective, the January jam winning murder mystery game. Freedom Code has such a wonderful new-retro aesthetic that every bit of the game points back to. Check out this first-person platformer today by downloading the game from the forums

Mazed by Daelus


Many of us at Epic are fans of spatial puzzlers, and Mazed delivered a heavy dose of scratching for that itch with its mind-bending, gravity-defying puzzles and great design. Play the build from Daelus and see how far you can get!

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