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By Chance Ivey

A couple weeks back, we announced that the official Leap Motion plugin for Unreal Engine is now available via the engine source on GitHub, and Kate and Adrian from Leap Motion dialed in to the stream to talk about how to get started and to take questions from the Unreal Engine Community. To learn more, head over to Leap Motion’s community site where you can find more info and check out their example projects using the device. 


We’re stoked to see what people end up using the tech for. If you’re working on a Leap Motion project in UE4, drop us a line in the Work In Progress forum to let us know!


Tiny Life by Inner Drive Games

In Tiny Life, the player navigates the human body by controlling a small cell. This educational UDK to UE4 conversion has both an exploration mode where the player can just float around and research and an arcade mode consisting of a number of mini-games. Watch the video here, and follow Inner Drive Games’ post in the forums.

Free Foliage Starter Kit by Philipp Nasahl

CS_2Philipp Nasahl (or fighter5347) has created a free foliage starter kit aimed at helping people get started making outdoor environments in Unreal Engine. The pack contains a large amount of assets accompanied by a number of video resources. Philipp has been a part of the Unreal Engine community since the UDK days, and is probably our most active forum member to date. You can download the pack here

Box Crusher by Łukasz Baran 

CS_3A project extremely close to my heart, Box Crusher takes its direction from the old PlayStation puzzle game Intelligent Qube. The project is free to download and give feedback on, and Łukasz has been pushing updated builds to his post as he builds it out. Check out the latest video, and download Box Crusher today. 

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