February 11, 2015

Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

MartianCraft is the name of the mobile developer working on an upcoming iOS title, Republic Sniper. No stranger to the Apple and mobile developer circles, the team at MartianCraft has been active in the space for quite some time. Co-founder Jeff LaMarche, Co-founder Rob Rhyne, and part-engineer part-wizard Thomas Ingham told us all about their journey into making games and working in Unreal Engine. Follow along with the development of Republic Sniper on the official website and Twitter, and give ‘em a shout on the forums!


Unreal Paris by Benoit Dereau

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, chances are you’ve seen Benoit’s incredible display of this realistically rendered interior. Unreal Paris has made the rounds on the web, garnering attention from many media outlets. Watch the video, and say “Hi” to Benoit in our forums.

Death God University by Green Ice Games


Completely loveable in a twisted way, D.G.U. marries dark humor with an overwhelmingly adorable art style. Players will attend D.G.U. and come up with creative ways to harvest the souls of others. The game is already Greenlit and looks extremely promising. Check out the awesome trailer, and follow along on the forums

Overdosed: A Trip to Hell by Lazy Games


Extreme, fast-paced action is assured for players of Overdosed. The top-down, arcade-style game pits the protagonist against waves of incoming deadly spiders. Collect resources, lay traps, and whip out that flamethrower to protect yourself and stay alive as long as you can. See the intense action in the video, and follow along with the progress of the game on their forum thread

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