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By Chance Ivey

Fan favorites Technical Director Mike Fricker and General Manager Ray Davis returned to tell us about many of the exciting new additions to version 4.7 which released earlier this week. On top of that, the team discussed some of the upcoming plans for GDC, though you can certainly expect even more to roll out in the future!

Version 4.7 had a little longer of a development cycle than previous releases, and you’ll see why! It’s our biggest release to date, and we’re stoked to deliver it you this week. The Preview process allowed us to identify a ton more bugs before the full release, and we appreciate your patience during this process. Check out the release notes here. We also expect an updated release to hit sometime soon, so stay tuned!

The February #ue4jam had an excellent set of 40 submissions, all of which you can download here! Here are the best games from this month’s jam:


Call of a Broken Heart by Marcin Matuszcyk

In Call of a Broken Heart, the player takes the role of a man recently dumped by his girlfriend. To overcome such a horrendous tragedy, he must go head to head against his broken heart by literally throwing positive language and dodging sadness. Check it out!

Stay With Me by Hany Malek

CS_2Stay With Me is a cute two player game where players are scored based on how long they are touching. If separated for too long, the game is over. Riddled with obstacles but having simple controls, the game is a great challenge and overall fun. Download Stay With Me and play today. 

Dual Souls by RocketChip

CS_3Another two player game, Dual Souls is a top-down, timed puzzle game where players must move their character to switches to open gates in order to reunite before the timer runs out. Intelligent puzzle design and quick play iterations makes Dual Souls a zen experience without too much stress on the time limit. Download the game here.

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