Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

It was a community Twitch last week, with some of our top community members joining us live in the stream from the Netherlands and Sweden! 

Game Programmer Tom Looman showed off his game, Switch, which you may remember from the Community Spotlight in the past. The game’s got some fresh new mechanics and is shaping up really nicely! Technical Artist Osman Tsjardiwal gave us a look at Gundwarf, his 3rd-person multiplayer shooter project, and how he approached different aspects of development. James Kaufeldt, known in the community as Xenome, discussed the advanced vehicle template and his approach to building out animation by breaking components down and implementing pieces one at a time. 

December’s Unreal Engine game jam was our largest yet with 45 total submissions! Themed “What’s in the Box?”, the jam had entries of all types, such as stealth, cat-bowling, package assembly, puzzles, and present shooters. Here are all the great games from the December #ue4jam.

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT - December Game Jam Winners

Fold by Aussie and Boli

Fold is a unique puzzle game where the player has to unfold a box and move a character to a destination. Clicking on the panels opens or closes the section of the box, allowing the character to move across the flat surfaces. Hopefully we see more of these sorts of puzzles in the future! Check out the submission here, and play Fold today. 

Bombs in Boxes by JW


Like a 3d minesweeper, Bombs in Boxes lives up to its name. Mark boxes as bombs or open them, revealing their contents. Open three or more bombs and you’re done! Download Bombs in Boxes today, and tell JW “hello” on the forums. 

What’s in the Box? by Team Gulp


Team Gulp’s submission puts the player in the shoes of a gingerbread man on a mission to save the other tinier gingerbread men. Avoid the Grinch, however, as he will horrifyingly sneak up and attack you, ending the game. Download What’s in the Box and check it out. 

Be sure to watch the weekly Unreal Engine livestream Thursdays at 2PM ET at twitch.tv/unrealengine.

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