Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

Sr. Producer Deke Waters joined us on the stream to talk about our internal processes surrounding Marketplace and discussed some of your feedback regarding future features. We introduced Content Curator Jon Jones, a regular in many art circles and veteran art outsourcer, as a new member of our team. We’re excited to have Jon, and you’ll very likely be hearing more from him in the future. 

We also covered some changes to our Preview builds of the engine. Since the launch of UE4, we’ve always had early access to builds of the engine in some form or fashion. Starting in 4.7, we’re making some heavy changes to the way we handle Preview builds going forward. The details are still being pinned down; however, we wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention early due to the incoming holiday break. 

Lastly, we kicked off the December game jam! This month’s theme is “What’s in the Box?” We’ll be announcing the winners on the December 18th livestream, as well as showing off each submission, so don’t miss it! 


White by foxhead

White is a beautiful outdoor scene created by artist “foxhead”. The environment has excellent looking foliage, snow, lighting, and overall feel. You can find many more screens on our forums, and view more of foxhead’s UE4 environments on their website.

Dream Maker by Students at Montreal’s National Animation and Design Center


Built by seven students in seven weeks, Dream Maker is an action/adventure platformer set in a whimsical world. As Nemo, the player can put on a number of different suits, each with its own special ability. Watch the gameplay video outlining the game’s fun mechanics and see more high resolution screens of Dream Maker on the team’s forum thread

P.T. Recreation by Jonathan Vallieres


Remember the terrifying “playable teaser” released earlier this year? Level Artist Jonathan Vallieres recreated the experience as his first Unreal Engine 4 project and it more than stands up to the source material. Check out the detailed video and chat with Jonathan about the project on the forums.

Games by the Fuguregames’ Class of 2014


Futuregames, a game development school in Sweden, released this video of games created by the class of 2014. Each game was made with only five days of training and two weeks of implementation! Plus, these are Blueprint only games, meaning none of the students were required to write a single line of code. Awesome work!

Catch the Unreal Engine livestream each week on Thursday at 2PM ET at twitch.tv/unrealengine.

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