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By Chance Ivey

Mixamo’s online offering of character creation and animation tools have been a big time saver for many developers for years. Now, they’ve released a new exporting feature that is specifically targeted at UE4, by setting up models and animations for the Epic skeleton. Bringing assets from Mixamo to the engine has never been easier. Watch as Sr. Animator Ray Arnett and I walk you through the tools and benefits.

Following the Dec. 2nd support livestream, Sr. AI Programmer Mieszko Zielinski returned to finish the conversation and answer a number of new questions. If you’re looking more info about AI in Unreal Engine, be sure to watch the Dec. 2nd support stream archive, and skip to his section at the second half of the video above to catch the continuation.


Titanic: Honor and Glory by Four Funnels Entertainment

Ever wanted to tour the Titanic? Titanic: Honor and Glory aims to deliver an accurate recreation of the luxury cruise ship in its original form. Still currently a work-in-progress and being ported from another engine, Titanic: Honor and Glory is already looking great. Watch the video shown in the stream here, and follow progress on the project at http://www.titanichg.com.

Tail of Two Warp by TostiGames


Another fantastic idea born out of a game jam, Warp by TostiGames is a simple, yet great high-score type arcade game with interesting mechanics. With input similar to that of “Asteroids”, the player controls a small triangular ship through a series of areas that warp to each other in order to reach the goal before time runs out. Download the game today, and give the team feedback on their forum thread!

Red Awakening by Domino Effect


Red Awakening is a slick looking first-person stealth game currently being ported from UDK over to Unreal Engine 4. Though still a work-in-progress, the game already has an excellent color theme and rich first-player animations. Follow the development of Red Awakening at their website, and chat with the developers of the game on our forums!

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