Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

Epic’s amazing Technical Writers Lauren Ridge and Wes Bunn joined us on the stream to present the new Learn tab, available now in the Unreal Engine 4 launcher! The Learn tab is a centralized place where you can find engine feature samples, example game projects, tutorials, and links out to all of our official documentation. Other new learning features, such as in-editor web search and the Tutorial Blueprint, were also covered by the team, and Wes gave us a look into a UMG inventory system he is creating that will be available for everyone to get their hands on soon!

MIGS and the East Coast Dev Tour are next week, and we’re bringing over 40 talks to the events! See the full schedule here. Also, we’ve announced the time for our November game jam and will kick off the event and provide the theme on the November 13th Twitch livestream!


Space Battle Arena by DneproMAN

Space Battle

This excellent looking space battle arena was created as an example project by developer DneproMAN for the world to download and pick apart. Inside you’ll find a large number of art assets, particle effects, materials and lighting examples. See more videos and screenshots on our forums.

Sci Fi Scene by Chris Stone

Sci Fi Scene

Chris Stone’s thread on polycount takes us through the creation of a spectacular space ship interior from concept to completion. Making great use of physically based rendering, soft lighting and emissive materials, the scene is convincing and inspiring.

Lost Forest by JZChughtai

Lost Forest

Built by a team of seven students at the National Animation and Design Centre in Montreal, Lost Forest is a fantasy side-scrolling game with a whimsical aesthetic and interesting characters. The project touts great cinematic sequences and visual effects and is overall impressive. Check out the full video here.

Level Design Speed Workflow by Ben Burkart

Level Design

Ben Burkart has given us yet another great short-cycle UE4 scene. In this time-lapsed recording, you’ll see him build an excellent futuristic city in about three hours, complete with buildings, water, and environment effects. Track any further progress on the scene and watch more of his videos on his forum thread.

Planet Alpha 31 by Adrian Lazar

Planet ALpha

Planet Alpha 31 is the new name for the beautiful side-scrolling game created by Adrian Lazar. Among its many features, Planet Alpha 31 has an excellent looking day/night cycle that affects the game world and how the game is played. Adrian has recently brought on a David Kamp for sound design and set up an official website and Twitter account for the project. See the video and follow the game’s development on Adrian’s thread on our forums.

Don’t miss our weekly Unreal Engine livestream at twitch.tv/unrealengine every Thursday at 2PM ET!

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