Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

The 4.6 release is just around the corner, and Technical Director Mike Fricker took us through a number of enhancements and features that we’ll be seeing when it drops! Tools Programmer Dan Hertzka also joined us to show off 3D widgets in UMG, another feature heading your way in 4.6.

The November Unreal Engine game jam yielded an awesome 25 submissions from our development community. Teams took the theme “Two Birds with One Stone,” with around 60 hours and built games of all sorts, features ranging from tower-defense to open-world exploration. Our three winners will receive 90 days free subscription and a special Unreal Engine November game jam shirt. Here’s the highlight reel, showing off all of the great games.

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT – November Game Jam Winners

Rock Paper Bird! – The Random Dudes


Rock Paper Bird! is a beautiful competitive collection game where each player pilots a bird to collect pieces of a glowing rock. Built by a team of four, this game looks and feels great with its low-poly art style, smooth camera, and day/night cycle. Check out Rock Paper Bird! here.

Tail of Two Turkeys: Battle for Plymouth Rock – SowwyDwunky!


An obscure version of the events surrounding the American Thanksgiving, Tail of Two Turkeys is a tower-defense game, pitting two turkey factions against each-other for control of Plymouth Rock. This game has a surprising amount of features for the short development cycle, including tooltips, difficulty settings, health-bars and many assets. Download Tail of Two Turkeys and send your “Scarecutes” into battle!

The Coconut Express – A Bunch of Nuts


Once upon a time, King Arthur needed coconuts to send his men on a journey to recruit knights. The Coconut Express relives the amazing tale. This beautiful low-poly game sends players on a journey piloting birds to collect coconuts from the beach and returning them to the castle. Great menu transitions, pretty environments, and a large map to explore are all inside. Download and play The Coconut Express and do your part in building the king’s army.

Keep an eye out on our forums for the December jam announcement, and don’t miss us every week at twitch.tv/unrealengine Thursday at 2PM ET.

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