Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

When considering a livestream on networking, we figured we’d wrangle in as many of the engineers we could get to give a comprehensive look into the topic. Engine Programmer Ryan Gerleve and Lead Programmers John Pollard, David Ratti, and Billy Bramer all joined in to take us through a number of networking concepts including Blueprint networking and the new demo recording feature coming in 4.6.

Dana also returned to the stream, highlighting the our recent news items such as the launch of the Learn Tab, the Strategy Game WebGL demo hosted by Mozilla, a look at the capabilities of the new Maxwell series of GPUs by NVIDIA, and a Road to VR article covering our very own Nick Whiting and Nick Donaldson’s session at Oculus Connect earlier this year. 


Bears Can’t Drift - Ludophobia

bears can't drift

Love bears but are continually frustrated at the lack of racing games starring them? Well, Ludophobia has got you covered.  Bears Can’t Drift delivers intense bear racing kart action, including a drifting feature, despite the title. Follow the team’s progress on our forums and watch the full Alpha gameplay video here.

New Retro Arcade – Digital CyberCherries

New Retro Arcade

Using VR like a time machine, the team at Digital CyberCherries takes us back to the 80’s in their New Retro Arcade experience. Loaded with nostalgia, this project has tons of arcade games, sweet 80’s tunes, and a working boombox complete with a tape deck. Put on your leather jacket and neon boots, and then watch the excellent video. Find out more about the radical project at http://digitalcybercherries.com/.

Synthesis Universe – Olivier JT


A beautiful, engaging, and refreshing experience, Synthesis Universe is a masterpiece.  Winner of the Best Art Award at the Proto Awards, Synthesis Universe started as a UDK game but made its way over to UE4 recently.  Check out this musical maze’s video, find out more about the project in our forums, and read Olivier JT’s interview with voicesofvr.com.

The Blue Marble – James Baxter, Alacrity Falmouth Studio


The team at Alacrity Falmoth Studio shows us an incredible representation of the Earth from space, complete with Aurora effects. Check out the fly-through video in all of its high definition glory, and follow along with James and the team on our forums.

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