Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

Many of you have asked for official Unreal Engine branding resources for use with your games, and now you can download them from our Logos and Branding page. Also, we announced an offering of free subscriptions to students as part of GitHub’s Student Developer Pack. If you’re a student, head over to GitHub to get your pack today!

Senior Technical Artist Jon Lindquist gave us a new presentation on mesh particle transforms, and talked through a number of tips and techniques used to leverage some of UE4’s advanced features with Senior VFX artist Tim Elek. Follow along as they cover morph targets, mesh emitters, vertex shading, and the pivot painter tool. Download Jon’s presentation here.


Bovine Simulator by Pugosoft

Bovine Simulator by Pugosoft

Pugosoft presented us with the ridiculously charming iOS title, Bovine Simulator. As Bovina the cow, you’ll eat flowers and avoid poops in a grid-like pasture. Download Bovine Simulator from the Apple AppStore, and chat with the makers in the forums

Alice in Tokyo Wonderland by President

Alice in Tokyo Wonderland by President

Alice in Tokyo Wonderland offers up a ton of fast-paced, hack-n-slash action. The game has a Kickstarter campaign, and is currently up for vote on Greenlight. Follow President’s dev diary on their WIP forum thread for updates about the game.

Ocean Storm WIP by KhenaB

Ocean Storm WIP by KhenaB

UE4 Developer KhenaB showed off an impressive work-in-progress of a raft in the ocean amidst a storm. With realistic buoyancy, convincing weather effects, great looking water, and plans to add Oculus Rift support, this project is one to keep an eye on! Watch the video and check back to KhenaB’s forum thread to follow its development.

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