November 4, 2014

Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

Senior Gameplay Programmer Laurent Delayen and Fortnite’s Lead Animator Matthew Russell detailed their animation workflows using a character in Fortnite as an example. The East Coast Dev Tour is only days away, and we’ve announced our speakers and tracks for our upcoming events in Montreal and Boston. Also, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made our Twitch calendar public! For anyone who wishes to subscribe, use the following URLs to add the public calendar to your Google calendar or other calendar applications.


Our very first Unreal Engine game jam yielded some great games, and the folks here at Epic had a blast playing everyone’s weekend creations. Here are our finalists!

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT - October Game Jam Winners

Bump by Kylawl


In Bump, you navigate a cubed character through a dark environment and try to stay alive. This extremely difficult game has multiple enemy types, great “floor-stomp” light mechanics, and was made by a team of two. Great work!

Illumina by DwunkyPengy


Illumina’s simple but extremely effective use of lighting makes it a memorable experience. This first person survival game has you moving through a house while avoiding a red vortex as your flashlight slowly fades to black. Stay alive as long as you can!

King of the Pumpkins by discobonzi

King of The Pumpkins

In King of the Pumpkins, two players compete against each other with a single keyboard. One player is the boy, activating pumpkins and unlocking doors, while the other is the ghost, moving through walls, deactivating pumpkins, and locking the doors again.

Check these out, along with all the other great submissions on the October game jam forum post.

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