Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

Thursday, Senior Graphics Programmer Daniel Wright took us through the details of ray traced soft shadows, a new lighting feature he’s been working on, now available in 4.5! With ray traced soft shadows, it’s now much easier to get better looking soft shadows in your games. Here, you can find more information about the feature.

Senior Graphics Architect Martin Mittring gave us a look into the benefits of his new subsurface shading profile, showing off a number of items in his rendering test map. Subsurface scattering is beneficial for virtually emulating a number of real world items, most notably skin. Read how to set up the SubsurfaceProfile in the documentation.


Rolling Torque by Gaara

Rolling Torque by Gaara

Rolling Torque is an awesome extension of our rolling template, where you pilot a rolling pangolin through a variety of beautiful environments. Roll, climb, and jump in the fast paced action demo available for download on our forums! Gaara has an IndieGogo campaign for the game as well. 

Colossus: Elements of Conflict by CreatureNZ

Colossus: Elements of Conflict by CreatureNZ

Do you like fast-paced action combat with wingsuit flight mechanics? Colossus: Elements of Conflict has got you covered. CreatureNZ plans to bring the game to Greenlight as well, so follow the development of Colossus on our forums and check out their pre-alpha video.

Refunktion by dgrieshofer

Refunktion by dgrieshofer

Refunktion is a first-person stealth game, with nods to games like Mirrors Edge and Portal. A clean, sci-fi aesthetic coupled with puzzles and parkour mechanics makes Refunktion a great experience. Download the game now from our forums and follow @dgrieshofer and @refunktiongame on Twitter. 

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