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By Chance Ivey

EGX in London was a blast. We had such a wonderful time hanging out with everyone that came by, as well as the 8 indie teams that showed their games in our booth. Pictures from the event are up at the Unreal Engine Facebook Page, and interviews with our indie teams are now up at our YouTube channel. IndieCade is right around the corner, where our own Alan Noon will be teaching about Paper2D, and the East Coast Dev Tour announcement is now live! RSVP to let us know what you want to learn about.

In this livestream Lead Technical Animator Jeremy Ernst, creator of the Animation and Rigging Toolkit, outlines the tool and gives us a preview of future updates. Lead Animator Jay Hosfelt accompanies us in conversation about how the A.R.T. is used in our production environments here at Epic. The A.R.T. has been discussed heavily in our forums, where Jeremy is highly active in support, updates, and the overall sharing of information. The toolkit is available for free to UE4 subscribers, located in the “Extras” folder of the engine install directory.


Venice by Rafael Reis

Venice by Rafael Reis

Artist Rafael returns with another excellent looking project: a recreation of the Italian city, Venice. The video takes the player on a gondola ride through the city. Follow his progress on the forums, and watch out for more great work from Rafael.

Twin-Stick Shooter by Nesjett

Twin-Stick Shooter by Nesjett

Another product of a 48 hour gamejam, this game combines fast-paced action with arcade style high scores. Developer “Nesjett” has made this 100% Blueprint game available for download on our forums where you can also find the gameplay video shown in the stream.

Abatron by W3

Abatron by W3

Looking for a first-person shooter with real-time strategy features? Abatron provides a solid mix of both genres and is already Greenlit on Steam. Check out their development progress on our forums, and follow the game on Twitter for frequent updates.

Don’t forget to tune in to the Unreal Engine livestream at twitch.tv/unrealengine every Thursday at 2PM ET!

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