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By Chance Ivey

Per our usual cadence, 4.7 is approaching. The Preview builds have been rolling out with target frequency, and the community has helped us identify new issues week over week. We’ve been tracking the bugs with each release, and you can follow the progress here! Also, we’ve opened up for submissions to have your UE4 game to be shown in our booth at GDC! Details can be found on the announcement blog, and feel free to drop any of your questions here on the forums.

Technical Director Mike Fricker and Unreal Engine General Manager Ray Davis gave us their usual awesome rundown of new and updated features for the upcoming release, as well as things that we will see on the other side of 4.7. Also, we managed to bring Lead Programmer James Golding from the UK. James often strolls the halls at Epic HQ manifested in a small, motorized robot, so it was nice to be reminded that he is a real human.

Don’t forget, the January game jam is being kicked off this Thursday via Twitch! We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!



Nebula - Bruno Gruber

What happens when Alien, Metroid, Dead Space, and Shadow Complex are thrown in a blender then created in UE4? You get Nebula - a fantastic looking side-scrolling shooter game built in Blueprints. A promising title, Nebula is certainly one you’ll want to keep an eye on. Follow the progress of Nebula in our forums, check out the game’s IndieDB page, and watch the gameplay video we showed on the stream.



Montreal’s National Animation and Design Center has been putting out some impressive student games and demos build in UE4 over the past few months, and this modern interpretation of the classic Ghosts ‘N Goblins continues that trend. Build by eight students in seven weeks, this project offers fantastic lighting and animation which provides a great sense of the target mood. You can watch the video here, and give the students feedback in their forum thread

The Dead Linger - Sandswept Studios


The Dead Linger is a large world zombie survival game that just moved to UE4 from another engine. The Sandswept team wrote a blog on their decision of moving the game over, and we’re glad to have them on board! Follow The Dead Linger’s website and Twitter where they regularly give updates about the game’s progress. 

Galaxy Heist - Space Bear Development


Galaxy Heist is science fiction game offering both large spaceship-to-spaceship firefights and first-person shooter combat under the same roof. Space Bear Development has been cranking away on Galaxy Heist with a very small but talented team of some of the communities top talent. Read Ryan’s forum post where you can find out more about the game’s development and any updates moving forward!

Don’t miss the Unreal Engine livestream every Thursday at 2PM ET at twitch.tv/unrealengine

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