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By Chance Ivey

The GitHub team made their way out to Epic a couple weeks back, and Technical Partner Manager Lee Reilly and Engineer Rick Olson hung out on the couch with us during the stream. As you know, we’ve partnered with GitHub in two ways - hosting the Unreal Engine 4 source code on github.com, and the Student Developer Pack program where students can get Unreal Engine 4 without the $19/month subscription. Lee and Rick gave us some insight into GitHub, how the company has grown, our partnership, and where GitHub is headed next. 

The January game jam had 40 awesome submissions, and we are, once again, impressed with the great talent that the community displays in these jams. Here’s a look at all the great games built in a little more than three days. 


Dispersion by Hadar Silverman

Dispersion has been a welcome, calming distraction for a lot of us at Epic over the last few weeks. This is a project that a lot of people would love see turn into a full game with puzzles and touch controls. Download Dispersion and check it out.

Suspicious Detective by Nimiec&Slizewski


Suspicious Detective is an excellent murder mystery game with funny dialog options, clues, and an interesting progression of events as the player makes decisions. This could be the framework of a really deep and engaging narrative experience. Check the game out, and look for more awesome work from these guys. 

CorpusCompletus by Compeltus


Hilariously bouncing around like a cube of gelatin, in Corpus Completus, the player must find more blocks that serve as body parts (they start out as a single cube) and enter the goal. The bombs remove pieces, so watch out! Entertaining and full of character, Corpus Completus is something you should check out. 

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