Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

In what is hopefully the first of many sessions, Developer Relations Technical Artist Alan Willard joins the stream for the first time to talk over a new water pack coming soon to Unreal Engine. This will be freely available to all Unreal developers, and Alan goes over the details of what the pack has to offer here on the stream. We’re excited to roll this out to everyone, and we hope that it proves to be useful to the community.

Aside from the water pack, we discussed a few other news items including a new launcher! The new launcher should be rolling out to everyone this week, with a sleek new look and the ability to resize. Also, a quick shoutout to some awesome community members: Sebastien Rombauts, who made his git plugin for UE4 available to the community, and Michael Allar, who has been actively streaming Unreal development as well as all the game jam games the moment that the submission deadline hits. Thanks guys!


Procedural Ladders by Joe Wintergreen

A really cool concept, the procedural ladders project by Joe Wintergreen will be submitted to the marketplace in hopes of being a ladder building solution for developers. Joe’s built lots of knobs to turn to build ladders of all shapes and sizes. Check out the video, and say hi to Joe on the forums!

Landscape WIP by Ben Burkart


Ben Burkart returns with a really great looking outdoor landscape showing off rocks, trees, water, and dirt paths. The fly-through video showcases all the areas of the large map, and Ben plans to continue polishing the scene. Follow the progress here.

1v1 Map by Timothy Dries


Accompanied by a great breakdown at each stage of design and development, Timothy Dries shows us a really cool 1v1 map built and staged entirely by himself. See the video and tell Timothy hello on his thread.

Bullworth Academy by Wesley Arthur


Many people often wonder what older games would look like rebuilt with current technology. For fans of Bully, Wesley’s recreation of Bullworth Academy is a great nostalgic trip into the past with today’s high end visuals. Watch the flythrough video, and find out more about the project on our forums.

Don’t miss the Unreal Engine livestream each Thursday at 2PM ET at twitch.tv/unrealengine.

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