Weekly Twitch Recap

By Chance Ivey

Senior Programmer Lina Halper and Lead Animator Jay Hosfelt joined us on Thursday to talk about lots of great new animation features in 4.7 including animation editing inside the editor and recording animations from physics. Lina shows how a designer can tweak animations inside the editor without having to rely on an animator, making iterations on things like the “feel” of character movements a much less involved process.  Though it will be in development a little longer than previous releases, 4.7 is still on the way, and you can currently download the third Preview build iteration now! 


Into the Stars - Fugitive Games

Into the Stars is a fantastic looking game where players manage a team aboard a spacecraft exploring the galaxy in search for resources and seeking out a new home for humanity. Fugitive Games hit their funding goal on kickstarter last week and is on to the stretch goals for this PC and Mac title. Find out more on the Fugitive Games website, and say hello to the developers in our forums!

Voidrunner - Wanderer Eternal


Voidrunner popped up on our forums, Greenlight, and IndieDB nearly simultaneously, and quickly caught the eyes of many here at Epic. Piloting a ship through difficult space terrain, players will stay alive as long as they can in this time-attack flying game. Keep an eye on Voidrunner, and drop Wanderer Eternal a note on their forum thread.

Haddock Bust - The Distiller


Displaying great use of Unreal Engine’s subsurface scattering and PBR abilities, The Distiller recreated a eerily real looking bust of Haddock, everyone’s favorite Captain from the well known comic series, “Tintin”. In the thread, you can see a great visualization of the artist’s base color, roughness, and specular levels, highlighting how they’re used to achieve some of the visual effects. Nice work!

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