Webinar: Visualizing Data in Digital Twins with Unreal Engine

We recently broadcast the webinar Visualizing Data in Digital Twins with Unreal Engine. If you missed it, you can watch the replay here and learn how to visualize data using Unreal Engine. 

Digital twins are 3D models of physical entities with live, continuous data updating functions and processes in real time. These models provide means for analyzing and optimizing structures. In this webinar, we demonstrate how Unreal Engine can be used to visualize this connected data.

Ludvig Lovén from WSP introduces the Microsoft Azure Digital Twin (ADT) Link for Unreal Engine plugin, and provides an overview of the accompanying sample project. He then dives further into the plugin to explain how AI and particle systems can be used for compelling visual feedback.

Be sure to install the ADTLink for Unreal Engine plugin and download the ADTLink for Unreal Engine sample to create your own digital twin. 

We cover:
  • Tips for getting started with digital twins 
  • How to leverage IoT sensors for real-time studies
  • How Niagara particle systems can be utilized for visual communication
  • Pointers for customizing the ADTLink for Unreal Engine plugin

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