Image courtesy of Vortex Studios - CM Labs

Webinar: Gamification of Training

Digital training is revolutionizing the way companies educate and upskill employees. Watch the replay of our recent live webinar with, Gamification of Training, and find out why more and more industries are building training experiences using game engine technology.

Using safe environments to onboard new staff or improve skills and knowledge is key. As jobs become more sophisticated, digital training and digital education have become cornerstones for industrial corporations. 

In this webinar, we explore how a game engine can help build and drive learning experiences—and why this is a critical part in the industrial-platform approach.

Watch specialists at Epic explain how Unreal Engine helps to create gamified and XR experiences in the training space.

You’ll learn about:
  • Building training experiences using game engine technology
  • How to use XR templates in Unreal Engine
  • Simulation workflows for training applications
  • Interesting use cases

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