A5 Cabriolet model courtesy of Audi Business Innovation

Webinar: Exploring the New Real-Time Configurator Sample

We recently released a new real-time configurator project that enables you to build your own interactive digital showroom. If you missed the accompanying webinar that demonstrates how to use the sample, you can watch it here!

In this webinar, we explore the new real-time car configurator sample for Unreal Engine! 

First, we take a look at the project setup and give a rundown of how we approached the look development and performance optimizations. Then, we demonstrate how to import and set up your own automotive assets in the sample. 

You’ll learn about: 
  • Importing data to the sample
  • Setting up variants
  • Tips and tricks for look development and performance optimizations
A5 Cabriolet model courtesy of Audi Business Innovation

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