Webinar: Exploring the New HMI Design Template in Unreal Engine

Our recent live webinar Exploring the New HMI Design Template in Unreal Engine looked at how to design compelling Human-Machine Interfaces. Missed it? You can watch the replay below.
As technology advances, we’re building ever-more sophisticated ways of interacting with it. The bridge between driver and vehicle is the Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

In this presentation, we introduce you to HMI design with Unreal Engine. 

You’ll discover how Unreal Engine can be used to design best-in-class HMI and how Epic hopes to inspire the automotive industry by engaging its awesome creative community of artists, architects, and gameplay designers to usher in the next generation of possibilities with in-vehicle interfaces. 

We’ll cover:
  • Using the HMI Design Template in Unreal Engine to create best-in-class HMI designs 
  • Render Target Blueprint scripts, setting up virtual 3D screens in a virtual car interior, and exporting your design in a Sequencer video 
  • How to enter our Unreal Engine HMI Design Challenge

Want to enter the Unreal Engine HMI Design Challenge, hosted by Car Design News? Check out the rules and how to apply.

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