Webinar: Developing Twinmotion projects further in Unreal Engine

Ready to take your Twinmotion project to new heights? We hear you. In our recent webinar, we explored how to bring your Twinmotion projects into Unreal Engine for further development. Watch the replay below!

Twinmotion and Unreal Engine are both effective tools for visualizing 3D data in architecture. While Twinmotion is a quick and intuitive tool, Unreal Engine is a robust and powerful solution. Using both in conjunction with each other can enable designers to creatively and intelligently develop projects.

In this webinar, we import a Twinmotion model into Unreal Engine and showcase how architectural designers can expand their skill set and enhance deliverables. We cover a few examples in depth, and then share some tips and tricks that will help both new and experienced users of Unreal Engine.

We look at:
  • Incorporating GIS data using Cesium
  • Workflow improvements with Editor utilities
  • Customizing your project
  • Functionalities unique to Unreal Engine

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