Webinar: Animation Workflows Using Unreal Engine and Maya

Our recent webinar explored how to create stylized character-based animation using Unreal Engine and Maya. If you missed it, don’t worry—you can watch it below.

In Animation Workflows Using Unreal Engine and Maya, we explore how to use open standards like Alembic and USD to quickly move animation and simulation data between Maya and Unreal Engine. 

Then, you’ll find out how to use the visual effects generated with Maya’s Bifrost and XGen with Unreal Engine's native tools. 

And last but not least, we demonstrate some look development techniques using Unreal Engine’s RTX-based real-time ray tracing capabilities.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Exchange character animation effects between Maya and Unreal Engine using open standards
  • Use Bifrost with Blueprints for procedural animation
  • Create realistic character effects in Maya
  • Develop the look using tools in Unreal Engine 

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